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Add Beauty and Value to Your Home with a Toronto Home Renovation

Add Beauty and Value to Your Toronto Home with a Home Renovation

A home renovation in Toronto does not have to be stressful or overwhelming. To keep your renovation relatively care free keep in mind the rule of thumb that it will in many cases most likely exceed budgetary and time estimation and constraints. To what degree this occurs is up to you. The following are some of the things you should consider before you start your renovation:

1. Do Not Underestimate Time – Start Planning Sooner Rather than Later
  • The most common mistake home owners make is that they don’t put enough work into the initial planning of their prospective home renovation project. Even smaller and somewhat less labour intensive jobs, such as a bathroom renovation, for example, can take one or two months of planning, when one factors in essential details such as choosing the designs, design options and finding a contractor. Larger, more extensive projects, such as second storey additions, can take months, even a year to complete. The more invested you are in the planning phase of your home renovation, the more time and money you will save. Keep in mind that most renovations typically run about 10 to 20 percent over budget; knowing this beforehand will give you some peace of mind later on as you convert your room into a dream space.
  • Get an idea of your space and design options:
    Create several plans of what you would like your desired space to look like. Present all of these to the renovation team and ensure the plan they create is exactly what you want and need in terms of space and layout for your new home. Until you are 100 percent sure, do not start the renovation. Something you might think is an easy change (i.e. moving the door from one spot to another) can make the engineer’s life a nightmare and will often cost more time and money.
2. Why Should I Choose a Registered Contractor as Opposed to Doing It Myself?

A common misconception is that it will cost a lot less to undertake a renovation project on your own. Lack of trade- specific knowhow and expertise will, in most cases, inevitably lead to inadequate workmanship and an undesired end result. Enlisting the services of the countless number of builders in the GTA who are members of average home associations, such as Home Builders Associations or Builders, Industry and Land Developers Association will also not necessarily always guarantee that your home renovation project is completed to acceptable standards. Builders registered with the building regulatory body Tarion, on the other hand, are the only builders who are technically licensed and legally eligible to provide their services in the province of Ontario. Registration with Tarion requires of building companies that they possess exceptional financial standing and ensures that their technical skills and expertise have been adequately tested, credentials to which the average contractor cannot attest. Tarion registered builders will work with you throughout the renovation process to help you achieve your desired goals.

3. What to Expect from a Professional Architectural Firm

A good architectural firm is exceptionally versed in all the facets of the renovation process. A Tarion registered builder will provide a solid, extended warranty, which will cover you fully in the case of any discrepancies throughout or following the building process. The firm will have technical and renovation expertise and will come with a full construction crew and a project manager who will work together with you to determine your needs and goals. They will pay attention to details, will be courteous of your time by working on a set schedule and will follow up with your questions and keep you regularly up to date with regard to costs.

4. How Do I Pay for My Renovation

Your financing options are endless when it comes to paying for a renovation. Because they can be costly, the best plan is to start saving as soon as possible. Speak to your lender or financial institution to find out what your best options are in terms of bank loans, lines of credit, etc. For more information on your financing and government grant options, visit the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation to determine what option works best for you.

The process of renovating your home in Toronto does not have to be an overwhelming one. Hiring a professional and sufficiently planning will allow you to create the space or home of your dreams.