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Custom Interior Renovation in the GTA: Refine and Redefine the Aesthetic of Your Home!

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Custom Interior Renovation in the GTA: Refine and Redefine the Aesthetic of Your Home!

The process of completely reviving and redefining the aesthetic of your home can prove to be quite daunting. The infinite number of style options and techniques available can be unnerving. The task of remodelling does not, however, have to be an intimidating and complicated one, if executed properly, that is. Some of the information provided in the text below might serve to alleviate your hesitations and reservations with regard to the planning and commencement of a custom interior renovation for you who lives in the GTA.

Some Facts About Renovations

It is imperative that you, the homeowner, acquaint yourself with some pertinent facts prior to committing to a custom renovation project:

  1. A Home inspection is important – Make sure that you schedule a home inspection prior to taking on a large-scale custom design project. A professional inspection eliminates the risk of any potential discrepancies. Such as a fault in design or safety issues. In the GTA, it can cost anywhere between approximately $200 and $400 to have a 2000 square foot home inspected.
  2. Make sure that the roof is stable – The key to any large-scale project is ensuring a good pre-existing foundation. Have an inspector double-check the quality of your roof in order to ensure that it can withstand the custom project you have in mind.
  3. Keep the re-sale value of your home in mind – A unique, custom design should appeal to a wide variety of tastes and sensibilities, while still adhering to classic, time enduring design concepts.
  4. Warranty is important – a competent, established and reputable building company should offer an extensive warranty plan. One ought not overlook this detail as it ensures long-term satisfaction.
  5. Registered Builders – A bona fide building company should be registered with an organization such as Tarion, the very objective of which is to regulate the conduct of new homebuilding firms in Ontario. In order to pass an inspection, the company must possess good financial standing and hold expert technical knowledge in the field. Procuring a company that is registered with Tarion will increase the chances of a successful project.
The Importance of Tarion Regulation

Tarion ensures that the homeowner is protected, no matter how major or minor the custom renovation. Typical contractors are not required to follow any form of specific protocol and are not regulated by a higher authoritative body, which means that the homeowner is ultimately vulnerable and at risk for any liabilities that may arise. Tarion registered builders are, furthermore, subject to performance testing; their progress can be tracked by potential clients on a website that is easy to navigate. Builders must also pass a financial review on a yearly basis in order to maintain good standing. Be wary of contractor firms who are members of the Ontario Home Builders’ Association, or BILD, as they are not regularly assessed for merit or quality of craftsmanship. The time it takes to ensure that your new builder is Tarion registered is certainly worth it in the long run.

A custom interior renovation is a wonderful option for those who are seeking to upgrade, refine and redefine their current living space and add re-sale value to their home. The key is good research and hiring the right experts to get the job done.