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Custom Renovations Toronto: The Ultimate Home Makeover

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Custom Renovations Toronto: The Ultimate Home Makeover

Is your home lacking that certain je ne sais quois? That desired element of luxury, elegance and style? Sometimes, traditional renovation techniques simply cannot produce exactly that which the homeowner has envisioned. A Custom renovation project when performed by a reputable and highly competent building company is paramount to realizing your dream home. Continue reading to learn about what the process of custom renovation in a typical Toronto home entails, the cost of the implementation of popular techniques and how to find the right people for the job.

The Process

An extraordinary custom renovation project requires both time and careful research. Below is a list of considerations to keep in mind while planning your design objectives:

  1. Brainstorming– Take the time to envision an end result. Implementing a plan and recording all aspects of the project will ensure that original plans are not forgotten or overshadowed during the creative process.
  2. Create A Design Layout – After the brainstorming period, it is essential that one create a professional design portfolio for large projects that includes a layout draft. Without a floor plan, custom renovation becomes hectic and unorganized, especially in the case of a large-scale remodelling project.
  3. Hope for the Best, Expect the Worst – Experts recommend saving 10% more than planned for custom renovation projects in order to have a safety net in case materials are not the original projected price. The best builders will offer commission based pricing, which means that the owner will only end up paying for the work that is actually completed on the home.
  4. Choose the Optimal Season – Custom renovation projects should be scheduled during periods of warm weather in Toronto, especially if the design includes changes to the exterior façade of the living space. If a design project is undergone during the winter months, delays are inevitably sure to arise that might cause the entire process to exceed the anticipated time frame.  To reiterate, long-term planning is of the essence when it comes to remodelling.


Finding the Right People to Get the Job Done Right

Homeowners should keep the following questions in mind when looking to hire a professional for their home renovation project:

  1. How much experience does the company have? Look for building firms that employ seasoned professionals in order to ensure quality craftsmanship and a professional attitude.
  2. Is the company willing to negotiate prices? Material that is bought by the company at a discounted price should pass the respective reduction on to the homeowner.
  3. Is a warranty included? The best building companies will offer a warranty that covers a period of a minimum of 5 years. Most builders do not offer such extensive plans, so if the owner does come across one that does, be sure to secure a consultation.
  4. Are previous designs and layouts available to view and reference? Referrals of previous projects are extremely important and can help the homeowner gage the style and suitability of a building company for their own needs.
  5. Are they qualified? Finally, and perhaps most importantly, building companies in the province of Ontario should be registered with Tarion, an organization that ensures builders are in good financial standing and have adequate technical knowledge. Without this regulatory registration, a builder can get away with being incompetent or under qualified. The headache of paying for a faulty building job is not worth it – take the time to ensure that the builder you hire is Tarion approved.


Why is a Tarion Warranty so Important?

Tarion registration is perhaps the most important factor when hiring a building company to complete your custom home renovation. Individuals can view and consider the performance assessment of Tarion qualified building firms and thus ensure that they are hiring a firm that is right for the job. Typical contracting firms that are registered with the Ontario Home Builders’ Association (OHBA) are not subject to any form of performance testing or financial reporting. By hiring a building company that has adhered to Tarion level regulation, the homeowner is committing to success and quality craftsmanship.
A dream custom renovation takes time and effective research, but the end result will be worth it! Start drafting up your home design today and be sure to hire a professional who is Tarion registered.