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Design Build Toronto: Create A Dream Home

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Design Build Toronto: Create A Dream Home

Sometimes, a home is in grave need of a makeover in order that it convey the feel of a home. Custom design is a fantastic option for the cosmopolitan Torontonian looking for something above and beyond the drab monotony of modern suberbia. Continue reading to learn about current popular trends in the world of home design and how to find the right building company to satisfy your goals and bring your dream home to fruition.

Popular Trends

As is the case with most markets, the realm of custom design is subject to fluctuating trends. Here is what is most popular in Toronto this year:

  1. Luxury Bathrooms– experts are noticing increasing popularity when it comes to custom bath units and spa-like add-ons. People are opting less for large, bulky bathtubs and looking more towards sleek and sophisticated walk-in showers equipped with jets and multiple water heads. Unique sinks of varying size and colour are also currently trending.
  2. Ceiling Upgrades– gone are the days of drab white ceilings that convey no distinct character. Professionals are seeing a rising trend in trimmed and finished ceilings with spunk and character. Some homeowners are even opting to paint with bright or bold colours in order to enhance the element of personal touch.
    Sleek Wall Units– in the digital age, people use television and sophisticated sound systems more often than ever. To keep everything organized and in one place, homeowners are opting to install oak and paneled wall units that blend into the pre-existing wall. The results are spectacular; even the most typical home can be endowed with a distinctive stroke of creativity.
  3. Green Appliances– Owners are starting to save on energy bills by purchasing environmentally friendly appliances in both new and pre-existing homes. Many companies are now producing such products, and it is easy to find stoves, air conditioners, fridges and washing machine units that are going green. Homeowners will save tremendously on electric bills and reduce their carbon footprint in the process.
  4. Copper Accents– the use of this metal in any area of the home is all the rage right now. From small light fixtures to large and extravagant sculptures, the use of copper is not something to be overlooked.


Hiring the Right Company

Once the homeowner has chosen the desired design layout for their new custom interior project, the next step is finding the best company to get the job done right. Here are some things to keep in mind while window shopping:

  1. Warranty – the best builders will offer an extensive warranty plan. Be weary of any company that does not offer such a warranty, as this often signals questionable craftsmanship and a lack of interest in client satisfaction.
  2. Testimonials and Referrals – building companies should have testimonials available that can be viewed on their website and should also readily refer homeowners to previous
    . Reading about the past successes of a builder will help to gage if they are indeed suitable for your own project.
  3. Great Business Practice – whatever discount the company receives on the building material, the respective discount should be transferred to the client, without question. Look for a company that has commission based pricing in order to ensure that you only pay for the actual work being done on the home, and nothing extra.
  4. Tarion Registered – in the province of Ontario, a building company should be registered under the private organization, Tarion. This regulatory board helps to ensure that building companies are in good financial standing and have the appropriate level of technical knowledge to get the job done properly. Potential clients can also view performance evaluations and decide if the builder is the right fit for the job. Typical contractors who are members of the Ontario Home Builders’ Association, for example, face very little regulatory sanctions and usually get away with faulty work and high pricing. Procuring the services of a building firm that is registered with Tarion provides homeowners with an invaluable safety net.

Custom design is a marvellous idea that will guarantee re-sale value on your home. Book a consultation with a local Toronto building company that is Tarion registered today and turn your dreams into reality!