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Doing Home Renovations in North York? A Little Planning Will Pay off in the End

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Home Renovations in North York

Oh, the ups and downs of home renovations! For every horror story of huge cost overruns and dubious work, there is a story of terrific improvements that make an older home seem like new. The key to having a positive renovation experience is to enter the process with your eyes wide open, armed with practical information. So, before beginning your home renovations in North York, start with some basic planning.

Ask Yourself Some Important Questions

Make a list of what you want to do. Are you dealing with an older kitchen that needs a complete overhaul? Or do you need more room and want to make the basement a liveable space? Do you want to put in that movie room you’ve always dreamed of? These are great ideas; however, you want to make sure they add value to your home. If you are planning on selling your house soon, don’t count on getting all your money back. If you are planning on staying in the house for some time, think about the pleasure you will get from the changes you are making. In either case, figure out your budget and stick to it. Plan for cost overruns. No renovation is worth sleepless nights of worry.

Start Talking !

Talk to everyone you know who has gone through the process of home renovation. Ask them for their list of dos and don’ts. Ask them for recommendations. Call up designers and ask them to come over to discuss what you are planning. Get at least three estimates. Whoever you end up working with, communication is key, so make sure they listen to you. What kind of ideas do they bring to the process? Be sure they “get” what you are trying to do.

Nail Down Your Design and Building Team

Although you can hire many different skilled people to complete your renovation, consider a company that offers one- stop shopping. Some home building companies also do quality home renovations and have designers, engineers, architects and skilled labourers that are direct employees. This can make the process run more smoothly. Ask how they calculate their costs: do they offer commission based pricing? This is when companies charge the customer based on labour costs plus what they actually spent, incorporating any discounts they may get on building materials. Don’t go for the lowest estimate, but rather look for a company with the experience to fulfill the design properly. If you have questions about a company, call the Ontario Home Builders Association for advice.

Consider a Tarion Registered Home Builder

If you are having a substantial renovation or addition to your home, consider finding a company registered with Tarion. Tarion is an Ontario government regulated body that oversees the new home building industry. Companies registered with Tarion must go through vigorous testing for both technical knowledge and financial stability. Currently, there is no such regulation for a general contractor. Ask about what kind of warranty they offer on their work and what it covers. If you are having structural work done, you want a company that offers a comprehensive, multi-year Tarion backed warranty.

Be Patient

Planning your dream renovation takes time. However, the work you put into gathering information and making informed decisions will pay off on any home renovations in North York.