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Luxury Home Design GTA: Registered Builders

By admin

Get your dream luxury home out of your head and into the real world with a Tarion registered builder. There are certainly other options out there for anyone looking to build something from nothing, but be careful about whom you choose for a job as important as a luxury home.


A multi-year Tarion warranty is vital. The only way to attain said warranty is by using a Tarion registered builder. Tarion administers the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act. Homes built without a registered builder are not eligible for this warranty. Contractors might offer cheaper quotes from time to time, but will lead to complications in the event that a warranty claim is required.


In no other business is experience more important than in custom home building. A trained eye can give more accurate quotes during pricing stages, and can help solve minor issues before they become pricier headaches down the road. Trust a registered builder with decades of experience to take the complications out of the equation.

When you choose a Tarion registered builder over a common or a new contractor, you’re making a move that ensures satisfaction. Experienced hands working together to create a luxury home that anyone would be proud to own is what Tarion registered builders are all about.