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Top 5 Trends in Interior Decoration

By admin

Interior decoration can be a daunting task when you are planning to redo your home or even do it for your new home. There are so many things you need to keep in mind when doing interior decoration. You need to check whether what you have planned for a particular space goes with the rest of the house or if it fits within your budget, etc. Mainly, you need to make sure that your house has a design and décor which does not seem outdated. Here is a list of the top five trends in interior decoration.

  1. Vintage is the way to go!
    It may seem like a bad idea to get vintage furniture for your brand new home. But, in reality, certain markets have vintage furniture that can actually enhance the way your home looks. Mixing vintage furniture with modern pieces actually let’s you create a unique blend of your own and makes your rooms seem new and different. This interior decoration idea has been one of the top trends and is being well accepted.
  2. Curves are best!
    Interior decoration experts everywhere are expecting to see an increase in curved furniture. Rectangular and edged furniture in general is being bid goodbye. Lots of individuals are opting for curved mirrors and arches instead of normal, flat and square furniture options.
  3. Authenticity is a requirement!
    More and more interior decoration projects are seeing new and unique designs. Most customers are opting to put out false ceilings and other faux decorations and are looking to shift to real wooden floorings with vintage furniture and strong, authentic furniture options. Many decorators and customers have been opting to search flea markets and other thrift stores to grab the best, authentic furniture and decoration items they can.
  4. Mid-century modern still has its grip!
    The style of simple and spacious inter decoration which became popular in the mid-twenties is evergreen. The key is to decorate your home in a manner which you do not get bored of easily and which also provides space for you to make adjustments easily.
  5. Personality over customs!
    It has become a new trend in the world of interior decoration to decorate a home according to the personality and vibes you want from a certain room. People are not keen on following the norms of how a room should be decorated. They are putting their comfort and requirements first.

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