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Toronto Contractors: Choose Wisely

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Planning Is Key in the Design-Build Process

Many homeowners prefer to work with a design-build company rather than with separate architects and contractors. Better companies invest time and effort in having the design team ascertain your family’s requirements, as well as your vision for the style and feel of the home. A good designer will visit your current living space to observe how your family operates within it. He or she will take note of aspects that work well for family members as well as areas that need improvement, then work with you to draw up a list of absolute requirements. The design team will also take the time to find out what elements you’d like to have, if possible – a “wish list” for your dream home.

Next, your family will discuss various options and possibilities with the design team. Designers will present different scenarios, often with price estimates attached.

Incorporating Your Personal Aesthetic

Once the broad parameters of the project have been established, you will work with designers to refine the vision. What style suits your family best? Are you a fan of minimalist design, or does a more casual, natural style suit your family best? Do you want to mix styles? Your design team can provide advice and answer questions at every turn.

If you are consulted during all of the critical stages of the process, you are virtually assured to be satisfied with the finished home or home renovation. Explore the possibilities of working with a design-build company and transform the way you live!