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Update Your Brampton Home with a Quality Renovation

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Update Your Brampton Home with a Quality Renovation

Home renovations are a cost efficient way to beautify a home, whether you are upgrading for personal use or flipping for resale. Various economic factors have detrimentally affected Ontario’s housing market in the year 2014. Among some of the causes are fluctuating mortgage, the creation of new jobs, and higher government taxes and fees. According to 98% of Ontario renovators, there seems to be a rise in employment that is expected to continue throughout the coming year, which will in turn see a flourishing growth of home renovations in Brampton.

Renovating vs. Building

An increasing number of residents in Toronto are choosing to relocate to neighbourhoods outside of the city in order that they can create and sustain a home within feasible budgetary and general living constraints. Brampton is very much a thriving suburb of the GTA; by renovating and remodelling an existing structure in this area, the buyer affords themselves the opportunity to transform it into a home that reflects their own unique and personal vision. Through a little self initiative and research, even the layman is able to play an integral role in the creation of their dream home. As is the case with any object of value, an iron-clad warranty will contribute immeasurably to the overall value of a home in which elaborate renovations have been undertaken. Tarion, for example, issues a warranty that stands apart from most other warranties for renovated homes. Tarion is a non-profit, government-regulated corporation that stands in a class quite of its own. It does so by regulating its members and implementing a mandate through education, qualification and financial responsibility. Tarion is the only corporation that does this through more than just annual membership fees; instead, it implements a series of tests, tracks performance and conducts annual financial reviews of the building firms it regulates. This affords the buyer protection and peace of mind throughout the process of the renovation of their new home.

A Step by Step Development

The process of renovation can be a stressful one, so, it is best that one devise a plan as a means to estimate cost and establish a timeline. This will also solidify renovation priorities and help avoid any undesired or unsatisfying results or waste of financial resources.

An ideal way to begin the renovation process is to apply for consents and residential permits and to check for any applicable grants or tax breaks. The Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit, for example, offers Ontario residents a refundable tax break of up to $10,000 for seniors and any family members with whom they share residence. This helps alleviate the costs of potentially having to improve or install safety and accessibility features in a home. You can furthermore exponentially increase the value of your home with an exclusive Superior Construction seven-year warranty; one that remains unique from other comparable warranties in Ontario.

Once the initial groundwork has been established, research can be conducted and quotes gathered regarding various home building companies. Tarion licensed builders possess a high degree of experience, skill, financial stability and reliability. Tarion differs considerably from other home building associations, who merely charge an annual fee to secure membership. Builders who are registered with Tarion are required to complete specific training and years of hands-on experience in order to achieve their status. The result is the guarantee of extensive technical knowledge and credentials. By visiting Tarion’s Ontario Builder Directory, a buyer can obtain useful information regarding the performance and status of the builder.

Brampton residents have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the creative process, from its inception to its completion; from the concept stage to the design, as well as throughout all stages of renovation and construction. By utilizing the knowledge and expertise of in-house professionals and builders like those registered with Tarion, the rights of homeowners are protected and they are provided with guidance and support every step of the way. Working with a team of legitimately licensed and skilled workers will ensure that your renovation in Brampton is of the highest standard.