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What You Need to Know when Completing a Renovation Design in Toronto

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What You Need to Know Before Starting a Renovation Design in Toronto

Completing a renovation design in Toronto comes with a long list of decisions and tasks. From the initial planning stages, through to hiring a reputable and proper contractor in the GTA, purchasing materials and clean-up, homeowners have several things to juggle. To avoid makeover mishaps, determine what exactly you need to know before starting your renovation project to ensure a timely and cost efficient renovation.

1. Start Your Planning Early

To avoid delays in the project, you should have an idea of what exactly it is you want to do. If you want to update your kitchen or replace a leaky bathtub, plan in order to determine exactly what your needs and wants are during the process of the renovation.

2. Do Your Research

There are countless contractors in the city of Toronto, all of whom possess varying levels of skills and certifications, which can make finding the right tradesmen for your renovation design in Toronto a confusing process. To avoid any unnecessary hurdles early on in the renovation, select a reputable home builder to help you navigate through the process. Your home builder should have technical certification, extensive knowledge of and experience with the latest products and materials and expertise in the regulations and bylaws in your community. A good builder should also have experience with working with architectural drawings to help you complete your project from start to finish. Because most home owners have little to no knowledge of building standards, having a design specialist guarantees adherence to the renovation rules, codes and laws in Toronto.

  • Details matter when it comes to designing your home, so when looking for products, read reviews before purchasing them. Reading reviews and doing proper research will ensure that you buy quality items that suit your budget when you’re in the process of beautifying your home.
3. Financing Renovations

The size and scope of the project is all determined by your budget. Before you get started, talk to a financial advisor or your bank to give you an idea of how much you can be pre-approved for and to help you understand your options before you make concrete plans.

4. Speak Up – You Have the Right as the Consumer

The size of the job doesn’t matter; you should always obtain a written contract from the person who will be remodeling your space. This is even more important in the case of larger jobs so that you protect yourself and ensure that you are getting exactly what you paid for. The contract should outline:

  • The Scope of the Job – a clear description of every aspect of the job (project manager, workers, labour materials, who will be obtaining permits (if necessary), etc.
  • The Cost and Payment Plans – the total price (labour, materials including HST). Did you set up a payment plan? What (if any) will be the interest rate if you pay late? Are there are any changes that were encountered during the renovation that caused the renovation to change? Be aware and ask the right questions during the renovation process.
  • Job Details – start and completion dates. What will happen if the work is not finished on time? All of this information should be outlined in your contract before you start the renovation.

Renovation Design in Toronto does not have to be a stressful process. Proper planning will save you time and money so that you can create the space of your dreams.