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Boutique Home Builders in Brampton

Boutique Home Builders in Brampton

The most reputable boutique home builders Brampton has to offer take pride in their work. From consistently developing better customer service, to employing a money-saving in-house team, the best in the business can help make the house of your dreams a reality. Let the years of experience acquired through hard work and dedication lend themselves to your project. After all, an investment of this magnitude should be taken seriously and treated carefully. A few helpful hints will have you well on your way to discovering the best choice of registered boutique home builders in Brampton.

In-House Team

In order to keep costs manageable, consider using a registered home building company that employs a diverse and effective in-house team. The most well equipped team will have architects, engineers, interior designers and skilled laborers available. The more skilled workers and trained eyes you have taking part in the project, the fewer the tasks that will need to be sourced from outside. By keeping the number of outside workers to a minimum, costs can be reduced substantially. While no firm can safely say that every aspect of the job can be done with direct employees, it can be beneficial to associate yourself with a team of professionals working in tandem to create your dream home.


One of the best measures of a successful registered home builder is their experience. The longer they’ve been in the business, the more knowledgeable they become. Spotting problems before they become serious issues can best be accomplished through the trained eyes of a supervising team comprised entirely of trained engineers. Newer companies with fresh employees have their place, but they shouldn’t be building the home of your dreams. Take advantage of a team with decades of experience. They’ll have the bugs worked out of their building system and the finished project will, without a doubt, be far superior to a comparable job done by a greener team. The most dependable companies will also be members of the Ontario Home Builders Association. There are specific policies in place to ensure that only the best can become members. A new home shouldn’t be an experimental learning project, especially if it’s your dream home that’s on the line.

Furthermore, choosing a building company that’s registered with Tarion is an absolute must. Anyone with a hammer can call themselves a contractor as the term is unregulated. A builder that’s registered with Tarion, on the other hand, is held to a much higher standard. Technical knowledge and financial standings are tested annually, and samples of commonly used contracts are analyzed. Even marketing strategies and business positioning will be investigated before a company can become a registered builder. Check the Tarion Directory to discover a little more about your boutique home builder. You’ll find information including how many homes they have built, the communities they tend to build in, whether or not Tarion has had to resolve warranty claims, and how much those claims may have amounted to. Don’t just trust any guy with a hammer. Choose a Tarion registered builder for a higher quality project done the right way.


The finest boutique home builders in Brampton offer something that is simply unheard of in the industry, namely, a seven year warranty that covers all of the most likely problems that home owners may face. It includes protection against minor defects in the craftsmanship and materials, such as cracks, deterioration and leaks. It also covers buyers in the event of weather related problems and water damage, as well as protection against large-scale problems that are included in the Tarion Warranty. It’s important to note that only homes built by Tarion registered builders are covered by the Tarion Warranty. It’s the best and only way to protect your investment over the long term.

Boutique home builders in Brampton are abundant. Make the wise choice and choose a registered builder with a strong and diverse in-house team to help keep costs down. Trust in the decades of hands-on experience that the most dependable company has acquired. Most of all, take advantage of a seven year warranty that gives buyers peace of mind and confidence in the finished product. Have your dream home built by the professionals and enjoy the included long-term peace of mind.