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Common Mistakes When Working with Markham Home Renovation Services.

Completing upgrades to your home with a Markham home renovation service can be really exciting: you get to pick out new fixtures and appliances, new paint colours and potentially all new furniture. In order to get the maximum return on your investment it’s important to make sure you avoid these home renovation mistakes.

1. Going with the Lowest Priced Markham Home Renovation Services
The lowest quote you receive doesn’t mean the work will be comparable with the highest bidding contractor; this is an area you shouldn’t cut corners on especially if it includes plumbing or electrical. Choose the best you can within your budget.

2. Underestimating your Budget
There will almost always be surprises, especially if you’re completing major renovations or completely overhauling a room. If your contractor finds water damage or something that isn’t up to code, it will need to be fixed. It’s important to keep a contingency for that situation.

3. Being Dead Set on Granite Countertops
It is a popular option, but don’t forget that it isn’t the only option. By selecting a different material you might be able to save some money in this area and still achieve your desired end result.

4. Not Changing a Room’s Layout When You Should
Moving appliances and fixtures isn’t as much work as you might think. Don’t live with an awkward set up you don’t like – ask your Markham home renovation services provider about moving the toilet, sink or other fixtures and make the layout work for you.

5. Choosing a Kitchen that is Too Trendy
The bolder your design, the more quickly it will be out of style. The kitchen is an expensive area to change up every couple years when something new comes in, so keep that in mind when selecting finishes and appliances.

6. Cutting Corners on Things you can’t see
If you’re renovating a bathroom, items like a floor membrane to keep tiles from popping are a great investment. This kind of investment can guarantee you don’t have problems with mold down the road so keep in mind that just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

If you are considering a home renovation services in Markham, Superior Construction can help you to avoid these and other common mistakes. Our designers and skilled contractors can help design a beautiful space and is perfectly suited to you and your family. Call us today to receive a quote.