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Custom Architecture Toronto

Custom Architecture in Toronto

A project involving custom architecture in Toronto can be quite an undertaking. From sketches to the finished project, it’s important to have an experienced registered builder that is able to incorporate your ideas into a beautiful, high quality home that is as functional as it is lovely. The process can seem like a daunting task, but with the best minds in the business working together on the project, your dream home can be had. Once the home has been built, it’s important to protect your investment with a warranty.

The Process

Getting a project from an idea in your head to a luxurious home with custom architecture takes more than a little planning. The first step in the process is to determine the needs and wants of the buyer. The function of each space, its physical relation to other areas of the home, and even architectural styles, can be discussed and included.

Next, conceptual diagrams and sketches will be drawn to determine the general layout and appearance of the house. Built in furniture such as cabinets, closets, countertops and fireplaces are frequently included in this stage. 70-80% of the design work should be completed by the end of this step.

Once the design aspects of the home have been decided, the sketches and diagrams will be translated into a more technical form. Blueprints and specifications including materials and fixtures are chosen as to their respective locations in the home.

The following step consists of obtaining bids on the project. Copies of the blueprints will be sent to a list of handpicked trades. Any questions, comments or concerns from the respective tradesmen should be handled by the design team. The last step is the construction phase. It’s important to have a team with an experienced eye to help identify potential problems and to review invoices. Ideally, the construction team should be led by trained engineers who are able to facilitate smooth operations. In this stage, the final details will be planned, such as the final finishes and the remaining fixtures.


A home designed with custom architecture can be a substantial investment and, as such, should be protected. Great peace of mind can be had through an extended warranty. The best in the industry is a seven year plan, which covers minor defects in craftsmanship and materials, including cracks, deterioration and leaks. It also provides protection against weather and even the often costly damages sometimes caused by water. When combined with the Tarion Warranty, home owners can rest assured that their investment will be safe for the long term, starting the day they move into their incredible new home.

Coverage under the Tarion Warranty requires, of course, that builders be registered with Tarion. Before making an agreement with any team, check their history and standing in the Tarion Directory. Anyone with a pair of boots can call themselves a contractor since the term is unregulated. A registered builder, on the other hand, will have their technical knowledge and financial backgrounds checked annually. The directory will also give pertinent information as it relates to warranty claims that may have been filed after the employment of specific builders, as well as the amount that was paid out for repairs. This is a valuable indicator of the quality of craftsmanship you can expect from your Tarion registered builder.

Having a home with custom architecture built in Toronto is a project that is best achieved through an experienced team of registered builders. With a seasoned hand to guide you through the various steps, the home of your dreams can be attained with far fewer aggravations than with a broken up project with several outsourced tasks. Once the project is complete, take advantage of the best warranty in the industry to protect your investment from unforeseen circumstances.