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Custom Home Builders in Brampton

Start to Finish

A custom home can be a big undertaking. Choose the most reputable registered custom home builders in Brampton to get the project right from start to finish. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at the best firms will help in every aspect of the build. From clearing up the lot all the way through to the relatively unknown seven year warranty. It is long lasting peace of mind that makes an investment of this magnitude a pleasurable experience.


The length of time a firm has been in business can be a good indicator of reliability and efficiency. Don’t be a learning experience for a fresh new team. Instead, take advantage of the skilled workers and trained eyes that are able to avoid mistakes and spot potential issues before they become financial burdens.

Be Sure to Hire a Tarion Registered Builder

Since there is no system in place to regulate who can call themselves a contractor, there’s no shortage of them around. Anyone with a pair of boots can call themselves a contractor, as the term is unregulated and somewhat ambigious. This can be a little misleading and confusing. To get your project done the right way, be sure to hire a Tarion registered builder. To maintain good standing, a Tarion registered builder will need to show their technical knowledge, annual financial statements, and business and marketing strategies. This information is analyzed annually by Tarion. It’s the best way to protect buyers.

A custom home can be a frightening endeavour. Be sure to choose the team that’s best able to guide you through the journey. Trust their experience and enjoy your new home without going over budget.