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Custom Home Building in Toronto: Where to Start?

When looking for companies that do custom home building in Toronto, do some research before hiring.

  • Look for builders with the three R’s: recommendations, references and reputation.
  • Consider a company that both designs and builds houses, with architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape consultants and   skilled tradesmen on staff.This can make the design-through-building stages more fluid.
  • Find out what kind of warranty they offer. They should offer a multi-year Tarion warranty.Tarion administers the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act, which regulates registered builders.Beware of hiring general contractors: most are not members of Tarion and are not required to be regulated in any way.
  • Are they fully transparent in the way of pricing? If they get a discount on building materials, is that discount passed on to the customer?

Make sure you get thoughtful answers. Communication is the key to a successful custom home building experience in Toronto.