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Custom Home Design Toronto: Create a Living Space that’s Simply Divine

Custom Home Design: A Skillful Art in Its Own Righting

Custom home design is the process by which a home owner describes individual aspirations and physical requirements such as heights and volumes to an architect who uses land just like a painter uses a white canvas. The design process is monitored entirely by the homeowner, to ensure that client-specific design objectives and tastes are – much like with a finely tailored designer suit – carefully and scrupulously adhered to. The term custom design extends to, and encapsulates, not only the interior of a home, but also its exterior. Custom home design is a splendid option for those who are perhaps discontent with the generic “cookie-cutter” aesthetic common of most suburban homes and who wish to create a space that satisfies their often heightened and refined palate. The result of a true custom home is a design and finishing that is stamped with the client’s own personal signature, one that indubitably carries with it a mark of impeccable style, elegance and posterity.

The Dynamics of Custom Home Design

Like any cherished undertaking , a custom home design requires an investment of careful time and effort. Below are several common logistical issues that are typically addressed during the process:

  1. Changes to the Initial Draft – First drafts are often revised to fit budgetary requirements and to accommodate designs within homes in which space is somewhat more restricted.
  2. Finances – One must ensure that the firm procured toward the building of the custom home provides warranty, so that future qualms and grievances can be avoided.
  3. Weather Delays– The spring months are the ideal time in which to commence a home renovation or new home project. If a design project (particularly one pertaining to the exterior of a home) has begun during the cold Canadian winter months, the owner runs the risk of delays. Be sure to plan ahead and schedule the commencement of a project after the frost has thawed.
  4. Availability of Material – The timeline of the design project might become more complicated and time consuming if the homeowner is, for example, planning to import items from other countries. Be sure to consider the time and transport of quality design material.
  5. Trusted Help – It is strongly advised that the home owner hire a Tarion registered building firm rather than a typical contracting firm. Tarion is an organization that regulates new home building companies in the province of Ontario. In order to be registered, the builder must complete a rigorous technical test and be in good financial standing. Most contractors do not take this test and tend, as a result, to be less qualified. Look for a company that is regulated by Tarion, the only official higher authoritative body in this field.
Popular Options

As with most décor, custom design material goes in and out of vogue. The following are some of the trends that have been and continue to be popular in Toronto in 2014:

  1. Neutral, Neutral, and more Neutral – Experts in the sphere of home design might say that, although small bursts of colour will continue to grace homes, the most dominant colour palettes will be extremely neutral in tone. The home design industry is trending toward colours that boast an air of subtle luxury as opposed to bold primary colour schemes. Grey, in particular, is highly popular.
  2. Going Green – As more information pertaining to practices that are toxic and harmful to the environment becomes available to the public, more homeowners are opting for improved building techniques and “greener” alternatives. For example, water-conscious dishwashers and laundry suites are currently popular installs in many homes.
  3. The More Open the Space, the Better – Designers have noted an increase in the demand for open-concept floor plans as opposed to small rooms that are connected by dark and drab hallways and alleys. Watch for custom designs that facilitate inter-connected shared spaces within the home.
  4. Luxurious Bathrooms – There is a growing trend in sauna-inspired bath spaces. Custom homes are often endowed with unique and functional bathroom add-ons, which allows owners to enjoy the amenities of a luxury spa at home. For example, sleek showers with multiple pressure heads are taking precedence over bulky and impractical bathtub units.

It is recommended that one conduct a certain degree of market research on the subject of custom home design in Toronto before commencing a design project. It is furthermore imperative that one employ a building firm that is registered with Tarion. The more prepared the homeowner is, the better! Embark on your new and creative home design project today.