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Custom Home Designs Markham and Richmond hill

Build your own house plans – Custom House Plans

There are more reasons to design and build in Toronto instead of buying and resale. When you come to Custom Home Designs you have a chance to oversee every inch as it is being built and dismantle the sections that are not fitting in your theme.

Advantage of designing your own House!

  • Personalize your designs
  • You can use Green Appliances
  • Acceptable Maintenance Cost


  • When you design your own house, you have a great opportunity to take part in the final outcome and everything will be tailored to suit your tastes.
  • There is a lot of flexibility in this as the design and the finishing will have your personal signature which is the real mark of posterity.

Green appliances

  • The world is moving towards energy efficiency and environmental friendly appliances. It helps to reduce utility bills.
  • Buying and resale might preclude you from enjoying such facilities.

Acceptable maintenance cost

  • An old house may go to a cheaper rate, but it has its major drawbacks.
  • The house may need
    • Constant re-carpeting
    • Roof repairs
    • Paint jobs
  • These are sometimes very expensive as they might require pulling down the whole section of the house.
  • When you design and build in Toronto area, although the price may seem significant, it will take years before any repairs or repainting can be done