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Custom Renovations in Brampton: Turn Drab into Fab!

What Exactly is Custom Renovation?

Custom renovation is the process by which a new or pre-existing home is modified or transformed into something unique and special reflecting the owners taste and personal aspirations. Custom design is extremely popular in the Brampton area, where many homeowners are opting to improve upon their living space by hiring a building firm. Keep reading to find out what is popular in the world of custom renovation and what simple, stress-free changes can be made to take your living space to the next level.

How to Get Started

The most important elements of a custom renovation are proper planning and the creation of a design timeline. As the old adage goes, “Rome was not built in a day” – well, neither was a brilliantly inspired home project. Like most things in life, planning and careful consideration is the key to success. Experts advise against jumping headfirst into a project without adequate preparation, information, consultation and research with regard to popular trends. The homeowner should conceptualize the project and consult an engineer or layout technician if full-scale remodeling is going to be necessary. The fulfillment of an ingenious design idea can elude one if the logistics and safety requirements are ignored in favor of fast completion.

Developing an effective budget is also extremely important when it comes to custom renovation. A consultation with a design expert or builder is of great merit in this sense, as they will offer up to date and extremely accurate pricing information for any project. It is advised to save approximately 10% more than originally assumed for a renovation, as unexpected costs are common and usually even inevitable when one is dealing with quality goods and materials. Be sure to discuss warranty options with the company you have hired as well, as this ensures long-term satisfaction.

Finally, it is a good idea to hire a building company that is Tarion registered. Tarion is an organization that helps to protect homeowners against under-qualified companies who are bidding for work in Ontario. In order to register, builders must be deemed by the regulating body to be in good financial standing and possess expert technical knowledge. A homeowner will benefit immensely from doing some research and ensuring that the builder responsible for their renovation project is Tarion registered. Tarion registered building companies also have online performance assessments that can be viewed and considered by potential customers, which allows for transparency and trustworthiness with regard to the builder. The usual run-of-the-mill contracting companies do not allow their clients to access such data and are thus given full reign to manipulate the system and to charge the client more for less.

Get Inspired

When it comes to custom renovation, the options are truly endless. One can choose to either go completely against the grain or remain within the safe and familiar confines of more customary designs, if one so chooses. Experts advise against outrageous add-ons, such as hanging pirate ship beds and indoor sand banks. Here are some ideas for safe projects that are currently trending in the design market and that are guaranteed to add re-sale value to your home:

  1. Going Green – this is arguably the most popular trend, and for good reason. Homeowners are increasingly choosing energy-saving appliances and non-toxic building materials for their projects. This is, in the long run, an optimal and sustainable choice.
  2. Outdoor/Indoor Space – Spaces that function as both indoor and outdoor outlets are extremely sought after in the market. Owners are transforming large kitchens into two-room spaces that open into a large, screened patio or terrace. Summers are so short in Brampton, so why not savor the brief periods of warm weather by including an outdoor patio?
  3. Smart Storage – Downsizing is of the essence in 2014. With smaller spaces, however, comes less storage. Consequently, people are opting to customize spaces in order to incorporate hidden storage nooks and crannies that were not included in the initial design. A large shelved closet can, for example, be added underneath a staircase.

Custom renovation is a great investment that will add re-sale value to your home. Be sure that the builder you hire is Tarion registered. Turn your dreams into reality today!