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Doug Humfries

On August 30, 2019 my wife and I purchased a truly amazing luxury townhome built by Superior Construction. This townhome is part of a five townhome custom unit on Bayview Avenue, called Baytree Towns.
Key aspects are:
• Five stories include: ground level double garage and large terrace on top 5th level
• Custom design throughout including kitchen with high end luxury cabinetry and appliances
• Our unique situation of buying from an original owner who had purchased the unit from Superior Construction over a year before August 2019 but had never moved into the unit. So in effect we are the first owners to live in this unit. Given the timing, it was over the first year Tarion warranty period when we took possession.

My strong reference for Gord Pahlbod is based on our experience after it had been built, but in my mind applies to both the Manage and Service stages of any size of construction project:

1. Manage: This townhome unit has exceptional high quality materials and workmanship. Importantly Gord knows the details of the design, architecture, and build extremely well and dearly articulates why it was constructed in the manner that it was. In my mind it is a unique situation that an owner/builder has such a hands on knowledge of both the details and the “larger picture” so to speak. I think Gord’s ability to carry this working “dual knowledge” is a significant benefit for any size of construction project. I also think it reflects Gord’s pride in his work.
2. Service: Gord has consistently gone above and beyond Tarion warranty programs despite us not taking ownership until past year one of the Tarion program. He has been extremely responsive to all of our service needs. He uses “straight talk”, proactively keeps me updated, and delivers what he says he will do. Simply said I trust Gord Pahlbod.

My judgment is that Superior Construction can very effectively scale these demonstrated Manage and Service capabilities to mufti unit size projects.