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Dragos Constantin

Gord Pahlbod and his team have been very accommodating since we moved in to 2626A Bayview on March Of 2018. We upgraded a number of items during construction and his team delivered these well. Although this is a multi-unit building we are pleased to have Gord managing the upgrades so that our budget was met while we got the things we desired to have.
He was transparent in analyzing the numbers and his team offered much support in our decisions to change whatever we wished for. We put them through many cost analysis and they delivered timely information so we could make the right decisions for ourselves.
Gord and his team have followed up on all our requests and have shown above the top customer care. Gord has shown dedication to his product such that I have referred him to a friend of mine to build him a custom house.
When we moved in we had a new born and his team took care not to disturb our child’s sleep time. Gord and his team have been attentive when our son was an infant and they respected our house every time they accessed it.
I am very pleased about Gord and his team and would certainly use him for the next project as his quality and customer care is the best on the market.
I understand he is trying to build larger projects I know he will do well as he is hard working and has shown excellent management skills and dedication to his product. We love our home. Thank you Gord for building our home and look forward to working with you in the future.