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Exciting Trends That Custom Home Builders in Toronto are Seeing Now

Exciting Trends That Custom Home Builders in Toronto are Seeing Now

When residents of Toronto hire custom home builders, they often have various concepts and floor plans in mind, and they are looking to turn those dreams into reality. As one of the premier custom home builders in Toronto, we do our best to take those ideas and incorporate them into homes that our clients will love. But it is also our responsibility to share exciting new ideas that our customers may not have thought of.

Every year, we see trends that come and go. But there are always certain ones that we think are here to stay. The following are some of the top trends that we have seen over the past year that you might want to consider for your custom home.

Trash pull

Having a trash bin out in the open – especially in the kitchen – is unsightly. May people solve this problem by hiding their trash bin under the sink, but this isn’t really very convenient. A trash pull that is say tucked away in a kitchen island, helps maintain the beautiful look of your kitchen but is also super convenient when you need to throw something away.

Floor outlets

Another feature that many people don’t think of when first speaking to their custom home builders in Toronto are floor outlets. But these can be incredibly useful if you don’t want to have to run cords from one side of the room to the other. And no more crawling behind the sofa to plug something in either!

Home office or study

Adding a study or home office to a custom home has always been a popular request. But since the advent of COVID-19 and with more people working from home, they are more popular than ever. If you need a quiet spot to get your work done or have your Zoom meeting, we can help you design and create the ideal space.

Outdoor space

When discussing ideas with your custom home builders, don’t neglect your outdoor space. There are some really exciting trends right now including outdoor kitchens and hard top awnings can greatly increase your enjoyment of your own backyard.

If you are looking to build a custom home in the Toronto area, we would be happy to discuss these and other popular trends with you as well as provide you with a quote. Contact us today for more information.