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Exterior Home Renovations for Luxury Homes in Brampton

Exterior Home Renovation in Brampton

There are three basic reasons why you might want to renovate the exterior of your Brampton home:

  1. Appearance- It’s time to invest in a new look or a beautification of the current exterior of your home. Having brickwork restored, painting, or adding an element such as a portico, fountain or pool can rejuvenate the look of your home and add greatly to your enjoyment of it. Or, if you’re considering resale, updating or improving the exterior appearance of your home can add tremendous monetary value. Studies have shown that even a minor “facelift” to the exterior of the home can provide a great return on investment. On the other hand, a shabby exterior can discourage potential buyers.
  2. Upkeep- Perhaps the current exterior of your home requires too much maintenance. The walls and roof of your home are its first defence against the elements, and it’s always necessary to do some annual upkeep. But if you are constantly forced to repair, repaint or otherwise maintain your home’s exterior, it may be time to consider installing more durable materials.
  3. Energy Efficiency- Sometimes, as homes age, drafts or leaks cause energy bills to rise. Installing new windows and doors can immediately increase energy efficiency and add to the eco-friendliness of your home. Newer windows are far more efficient than older ones, so you can even add to the amount of natural light you receive while improving energy efficiency. If you have an attached garage, don’t forget to inspect garage doors, which can be a major source of heat loss. Sometimes, roofing or adding insulation is also required to maximize energy efficiency.

Improving the exterior of your Brampton home can have great benefits both immediately and for the future, so don’t wait too long to renovate.

Renovating Without Headaches

When choosing a company to renovate your home’s exterior, opt for working with a Tarion registered firm. Believe it or not, many Ontario contractors are not regulated in any way! Tarion is the Ontario organization that licenses new home builders, but even if you are only doing renovations, it’s a great idea to go with a Tarion company. Builders registered with Tarion have to pass rigorous exams to test their knowledge on many fronts, including safety codes and current building regulations. Tarion registered builders have to maintain very high standards to keep their certification.

Tarion tracks the performance of its builders on its website, so you can easily research the performance of individual builders. Tarion also makes sure that its members are in good financial shape and that they deal with client issues to the homeowner’s satisfaction. Contractors may belong to other provincial groups, but Tarion is the only organization that protects homeowners and works to ensure the quality of its builders.

Choose a Tarion registered builder that prides itself on helping you realize your vision. An exterior house renovation can make a world of difference for your home!