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Five MORE reasons to hire a custom home builder in Toronto

When people decide to hire a custom home builder in Toronto, their main reason for doing so is usually that they have specific ideas of how they would like to live and about the type of home they would like to live in. Oftentimes, the house that they envision simply isn’t on the market at the time that they want it, so it just makes sense to build custom.

But there are other reasons to hire a custom home builder that you may not have considered. Here are five of them:

Better Health

With older homes, there is always the risk that there are going to be some toxic materials. This could include things like asbestos, lead, or formaldehyde. These substances are not healthy for you or your family, but by hiring a custom home builder, you can be assured of a new home without toxic substances.

Save Energy

Energy saving technology is evolving at a rapid pace. You probably realize that the older the home is that you buy, the less energy efficient it is likely to be. But even new (non custom) homes may not be incorporating the best technologies. With a custom home however, all the latest and best energy saving features can be incorporated into your home.

Anticipate Future Needs

With a custom home, you can design it to suit your needs now and in the future. Do you plan to have children in the next few years? Your custom home can be built with that in mind. Do you anticipate needing an accessible space to care for elderly parents – or an office with a separate outside entrance for the business you intend to start? Your future plans can be incorporated into your custom home today.

Gain Value More Quickly

While most homes in Toronto have gained considerable value in recent years, new homes tend to appreciate faster than older ones. And beautiful custom homes are especially sought after. If you want a home that will gain value quickly, consider hiring a custom home builder in Toronto.

Built-in Smart Features

There are so many smart home features that can be incorporated into new homes, but many of them you can still only get if you hire a custom home builder. Smart technologies that are available include home security systems, lighting and sound systems, and even blinds that open and close on timers or with the weather.
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