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Hiring a professional renovator for your luxury interior renovations in Brampton.

Are you thinking about renovating your luxury Brampton home? Luxury interior renovations are all about flooring, cabinetry, countertops, fixtures, lighting, décor and technology solutions. Whether you are renovating your entire home or just remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or basement, the process of a renovation can be a long, daunting and expensive one. Enlisting the services of a professional design and build company can be the key to a successful renovation project. From ideas and inspiration, design and actual renovation, a professional design and build firm will see your project through from inception to completion. Look for the following important points when selecting a design and build firm to handle your dream renovation project:

  1. Reputation – A professional design and build firm will have good references from past clients and other members of the industry, such as banks and material suppliers. Past work portfolio and details, along with company literature, should be readily available for your review.
  2. Association with Tarion A design and build company in good standing with Tarion indicates that they are professionals with expertise in building and safety codes, and subscribe to Tarion’s code of ethics and conduct. Tarion is regulated by the government, that ensures its registered home builders abide by the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act and Regulations. Tarion tracks the performance of its registered builders and also conducts a financial review of its members annually.
  3. Experience – The design and build company under consideration must have the required experience and skills to take on a large project. Whether it is a specific room or the entire interior of your house, a renovation can include many jobs that are specialized (electrical or plumbing, etc.) and the builder must be able to handle the complexity of a project and constantly supervise the progress of the renovation. You will find that some design and build companies provide services such as in-house design and/or specialty trades contractors who can work with you in sharing their specialized solutions.
  4. Communication skills – The translation of an idea to a concrete plan is not easy. A good renovation experience requires the design and build firm to be a good listener in order to capture your ideas, understand your needs and turn them into reality. In addition, keeping the communication lines open during the renovation process is important. An on-site project manager who can communicate with both the homeowner and tradesmen effectively sets the path for a successful renovation.
  5. Service – Professionalism, punctuality and great customer service are some parameters to gauge the quality of your design and build firm’s service delivery. Helping you understand your specific project area’s permit requirements is part of the role and obligation of your professional design and build firm.
  6. Warranty – A professional design and build firm should provide extensive warranties for labour, material and overall performance of your residence. Some companies provide exclusive warranties putting the home owners mind at ease.
  7. Written Contract – The scope of your project should be stated in a written contract, along with important points such as cost, timeline and any other details that describe the expectations of both parties.

Homeowners planning luxury interior renovations in Brampton can rely on experienced renovation firms that have the technical know-how, experience, good business and service ethics, and a reputation to back it up. Look for a design and build company that has experience in a full spectrum of renovation projects and, most importantly, a professional that is in good standing with Tarion.