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3 Reasons to Get a Home Addition in Richmond Hill

3 Reasons to Get a Home Addition in Richmond Hill

If your home in Richmond Hill isn’t quite serving you and your family the way that you would like it to, you may be wondering how you can change that. Not everyone can simply pick up and move to a larger home. It may be more practical for you to consider a home addition – especially if you love the neighborhood that you’re already in and just need a bit more space.

There are many reasons why homeowners in Richmond Hill may choose to get a home addition, but some reasons are more popular than others. Here are three of the top reasons why some of our customers decide to get home renovations.

1. Adding more kitchen space

Large open concept kitchens are extremely popular in newer homes for good reason. They have ample storage space, they are great for entertaining, and they can make your home feel like it belongs in the pages of a magazine. But if you live in one of Richmond Hill’s older homes, you may find your kitchen small and cramped with barely enough storage space for your food processor and electric wok. If you’d finally like to have the kitchen of your dreams, then getting a home addition may be a way for your to achieve that!

2. Add a master suite.

If your home doesn’t already have a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, this home addition can be a great way to add a little bit of luxury to your home. Popular wish list items for this addition include heated bathroom floors and walk-in showers. Homeowners looking to remain in their current homes well into their retirement years, often decide to put their master suite on the main level for easier accessibility.

3. More space for an expanding household

Multigenerational homes are becoming increasing popular. Whether you are expecting a little one in the near future, or whether you would like to bring your aging parents to live with you, having enough space for everyone is crucial. A home addition can add both the bedroom and extra living space required to accommodate your expanding household.

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