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Home Additions Company: Making the Best Choice

Home Additions Company: Making the Best Choice

There are many architects, designers and builders in the Greater Toronto Area, but if you’re considering a home addition, you will want to choose carefully. Hiring the right builder can ensure that your experience is everything it should be.

More and more often, families are turning to “design-build” firms. These companies take responsibility for the entire process, from budgeting and scheduling to design, construction, decorating, and safety inspections. By having one team responsible for the project, many of the pitfalls associated with home additions can be avoided. The design-build process results in far fewer time delays, for example, since managers, designers, contractors, architects and all of the team professionals are aware of every aspect of the project from the beginning. This means that the correct materials are ordered well ahead of time, for example, and that there are no schedule conflicts.

Choosing design-build is just the first consideration. Next, you will need to find a company that’s creative, dependable and skilled. Incredibly, many GTA contractors are completely unregulated! Better new home builders are registered with Tarion, Ontario’s provincial organization, and many of these companies also do home renovations. Builders licensed by Tarion must prove their ability to adhere to safety codes and to the highest building standards. Tarion registered building firms are monitored regularly by the organization, which ensures that its members are financially sound, and that any client difficulties are resolved quickly and efficiently. This handy Ontario Builder Directory on the Tarion website offers numerous details about registered builders. Choosing the right company for your home can make the process an exciting and happy experience.

Hallmarks of Excellent Design-Build Teams

Here are some of the features of excellent companies:

  • Licensed- Make sure that the firm that builds your addition is registered with Tarion. Check out whether they are licensed to build new homes in Ontario, as well as details such as how many homes they have built, the communities where they build, whether Tarion has had to resolve warranty claims on their behalf and whether they’ve won any awards.
  • Careful planning- Before ever putting pen to paper, a good home designer will research the client’s requirements and desires. Working with clients to find out what they envision as well as what will work well with their lifestyle makes the difference between constructing a beautiful space and constructing a beautiful space that’s perfect for your family. Does a new baby mean that you need an extra bedroom? Does your family need a larger dining area for throwing elegant dinner parties? Are you interested in creating a playroom space that can function as a home office once the children leave for college?
  • Collaboration- Before construction, you should know exactly how (and when) your project will proceed. You should be in possession of detailed plans that you have approved, and you should have a firm date when your addition will be completed. Some companies go so far as to construct a fully detailed 3D model of your addition for you to approve before any construction has begun.
  • Track Record- A good firm will happily provide you with names and contact information of previous clients. Talking to these clients will help you understand the process and gauge the efficiency of the firm.
  • Warranty- Good builders provide good warranties. They stand behind their work.

Contact Tarion registered design-build companies today, and learn more about what they have to offer. Transform your living space with the perfect addition!