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Home Additions in Brampton: Working with a Design-Build Firm

Home Additions in Brampton

As your family grows, or as you make changes to your working life, you may find that additions are needed for your Brampton home. You may wish to add extra bedrooms or bathrooms, build a home office, add a specialty space such as a movie screening room, or even add square footage to the entire house. More and more often, homeowners are seeking out design-build companies for additions and renovations.

A design-build firm is one that takes responsibility for the entire process of renovation, from the initial budgeting and scheduling through custom design and blueprint, to construction and inspection. With one company responsible for the whole process, everything progresses more smoothly and efficiently than when architects, designers and contractors are hired separately. The design-build model puts everyone on the same team, and communication is streamlined. Because schedule and budget have been worked out collaboratively, design-build projects are far less likely to have scheduling delays or cost overruns.

Design that Reflects Your Vision

Your home renovation begins with developing a plan that reflects your personal vision and meets your family’s needs. A good designer will spend time uncovering the shortcomings of your current living space and analyzing the needs of each family member. He or she will ascertain what works well for you, and what your ideal space should look like (Some firms even provide you with a detailed 3D model of the design for your approval!).

You can assist in the initial design process by providing the design team with your personal vision for the addition and by supplying designers with photos of spaces that inspire you. Whether you have a strong preference for one style or hope to blend more than one design style into your home, a good designer will work with you to realize your vision.

Choosing the Right Firm

Make sure that the firm you choose is registered with Tarion, the Ontario organization that licenses builders. If you choose a Tarion-registered company, you can be sure that their personnel have the necessary qualifications and skills. Tarion registered builders must adhere to the safety code and a high building standard. Tarion not only tests its members to ensure that all of its builders have comprehensive knowledge, it also monitors them on a regular basis. Annual financial checks are performed, for example, to help protect clients. Tarion also monitors client complaints about registered builders and makes sure that difficulties are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. (Information about individual registered builders is available on the organization’s website).

Look at recent work the firm has completed and talk to previous clients. A good track record is important, and previous clients’ experiences will give you a good idea about the efficiency of the company. Meet with company representatives and assess whether or not the firm’s philosophies align with your own requirements. Ask questions and expect specific answers.

Look also for a company that offers an excellent warranty on work. Some builders have a superior warranty, which indicates that they stand by their work.

Research Tarion registered design-build companies today and take the first step on the road to making your home the perfect space for your family!