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Superior Construction provides a full range of home architecture design services for projects that range from small in scale to large and complex. This includes new construction, addition, and renovation residential sectors. With every project, their home architecture design engineer is guided by a research intensive process that results in spaces that embody the routines, rituals, and functional requirements of homeowners and its residents, while offering comfort and inspiration!


Home Architecture Toronto


The home architecture design process can be broken down into the following categories:


– Schematic Design

– Design Development

– Construction Documents

– Bidding & Negotiations

– Construction


  1. Schematic Design

In this stage, the program is reviewed with the client to ensure satisfaction and to talk over any ideas, questions comments and concerns, tied in with preliminary design concepts. Later, inputs from a landscape consultant is acquired, gathering ideas and plans for the outdoor exterior of the home. Once everything has been established and put together visually or in writing, the design concepts are presented to the owner to be reviewed and for their input. After all is agreed upon, the schematic design in then finalized. This paves way for the next phase of design and development.


  1. Design Development

Once the schematic design is completed, design development phase begins. This includes preliminary design of the building, to start with. The building system is established after consulting with keen engineers. Upon completion of the design, it is once again presented to the owner for their approval. Following this, cost estimates are reviewed with the owner to ensure no surprise costs, where the owner then reviews it and gives their input. After all is discussed and agreed upon, the design is then finalized.


  1. Construction Documents

Here, it the third stage, drawings are worked into blueprints and specifications are produced. All the wood work and materials are put into the production phase.



The final stage begins with an on-site observation, where it is being crafted, built, and seeing if it is fit for the continued stages after the design process. Upon the process being completely undergone, the home is now tested to see if it is liveable. Soon, the owner is able to move in and occupy the dwelling. This is how the home architecture plan is designed in Superior Construction.


A common theme with luxury homes is that they’re made on a large scale, and although not all designs will do the same, there will still be a wide variety to choose from. Among others, styles include Tuscan villa, Hollywood Vogue, urban chic, and sophisticated. The architectural design Toronto scene has a huge selection of these designs. Whether you are planning on customizing a part of your home architecture or the entire house, Superior Construction can offer you with all of the help, guidance and the dream team needed for you to acquire a gorgeous, theme-satisfied home. With world-class state-of-the art furnishings and an up-to-date knowledge on home style trends, they can assure you your home will be above and beyond your wildest desires.