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Home Builders in North York Create Unique Living Spaces

Home Builders in North York

North York boasts some of the most beautiful homes on the continent, and many GTA architects and home builders are world renowned. However, it’s crucial to choose the right builder. There are several things to consider when selecting a homebuilder. First, you should ask yourself if you will be hiring an architect and a builder separately, or if will you join the trend toward hiring a design-build firm. With a design-build company, consultants, architects, builders, subcontractors, suppliers and the owner work together as a team. All of these people are involved in planning, budgeting and executing the project. Working with these design-build companies has many advantages, including:

  • A single source of responsibility- With one team in place rather than several contractors or subcontractors, it’s easy to see where “the buck stops”. This single point of responsibility means that communication is much clearer and projects far more streamlined. Some companies even appoint a project manager so that one individual is always available to answer questions or provide clarification.
  • Savings- When all of the players involved in a project are part of the planning from the beginning, it’s possible for considerable savings to be realized. Budgeting is more accurate since all parties are part of the budgeting process.Money-saving ideas regarding materials or processes are incorporated from the start, and cost overruns are rare.
  • Efficiency- Timing is also improved. Labour isn’t duplicated and some aspects of the job can be in progress at the same time, since everyone involved understands every part of the plan.
Choosing a Design-Build Team

Next, you’ll need to consider the quality, expertise and reliability of your design-build team. Many factors will enter into your decision-making, including aesthetics, cost and much more. Most importantly, however, your home is a major investment, so you need to make sure that its construction is in good hands. You might be surprised to learn that a majority of contractors in the GTA have no formal certification at all! The best way to ensure that your investment is safe is to choose a Tarion registered builder. Tarion is the regulator for Ontario’s new home building industry and the organization that is in charge of registering new homebuilders. Achieving Tarion registration is difficult. Tarion-registered builders have been tested for technical knowledge, and must maintain good financial standing. Tarion also promotes high standards of construction – Tarion registered builders must meet all building standards and safety codes.

Selecting a Tarion-registered builder gives you the assurance that your home will meet the highest standards.

Built for Life

Homes built by Tarion registered builders come with clearly defined and outlined warranties. Unfortunately, many homebuyers have bad experiences with their contractors, and resolving disputes with unregistered builders can be near impossible. Tarion will act as a mediator to resolve any warranty disputes between its members and homebuyers. Tarion also helps to educate new homebuyers about their warranty rights and will investigate any illegal building practices.

Contact aTarion-registered design-build firm today and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve made the best choice for your family.