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Superior Construction – 3 Reasons to Build and Not Buy Your Home in Thornhill

You have probably heard that the housing market in Thornhill right now is hot. Homes going on the market today are likely to get caught up in bidding wars and sell for much higher prices than they are being listed at. It is a sellers’ market and not really a good time for home buyers at all. There is another option, however – and that is to hire home builders in Thornhill to design and build your custom home.

In this article, we will discuss three good reasons why now is the time to hire Thornhill home builders and not purchase a home from your local real estate listings.

1. Skip the bidding wars.

Imagine you’ve found the perfect home. It is in a great neighborhood, has a finished basement, the right amount of bedrooms, and a beautiful yard where you can enjoy time with your family. You put in an offer and wait. But before 24 hours are up, the seller has received 20 other offers more attractive than yours – and you can’t compete. In today’s market, this is likely to happen more than once. But what if you worked with a Thornhill home builder instead. You could set your budget and then work with the builder to design and build a home within that budget. You could finally get your dream home without having to worry about someone with more money snatching it out from under you.

2. Have a home that fits your needs.

Even if you are able to compete in the bidding wars, the chances of finding a home that is EXACTLY what you want are slim. When you work with Thornhill home builders, you can have your home designed to fit the needs of you and your family. Need a home office with a separate entrance from the outside? No problem! Need extra-wide doors to accommodate a family member with mobility issues? Your home builder can make that happen.

3. Avoid immediate home renovation projects.

If you’ve ever moved in the past, you know how exhausting it can be with all of the packing and unpacking. The last thing you will feel like doing is painting over those horrendous purple walls or replacing that circa 1970 tile in the kitchen. When you hire Thornhill homebuilders, you can choose all of your finishes so your new home will be ready to live in as soon as you move in.

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