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Home Renovation Vs New Build Custom Home

If your current home is no longer serving you and your family, it may be time to consider either some renovations or a completely new build. But which one? In some cases, the decision is easy. Converting that spare bedroom into a new office may be as simple as a fresh coat of paint and installing some new Internet connections. Other renovations are more complex –such as upgrading a home to be more energy efficient or building an addition. Depending on the circumstances, a new build might ultimately be the better choice.

Consider the cost

In most cases, renovations are going to be less expensive than new builds. They key word here is “most”. Building codes have changed over the years, and especially if you live in an older home, then the cost to renovate could quickly balloon if it is discovered that your home has out of date plumbing, wiring or vermiculite insulation.

Also, older homes tend to have smaller rooms – and if you wish to have a more modern, open concept layout, then getting all the necessary permits and expertise to safely open up the space could be more expensive than you bargained for.

Consider the scope

Home renovations can do a lot to transform your space, but they can only do so much. Take some time to consider not just how you would like to use your home now, but how you might like to use it ten years from now.

Will renovations be enough to satisfy you and your family?

Consider the location

Unless you can get the permits to demolish your current home (which will increase the cost), having a new build is going to mean moving. For some families, this is a welcome idea. Perhaps you wish to live closer to your job or to a new school district for your children.

In other situations, it can make the decision a tough one. Perhaps you love the neighbourhood that you are currently in. While new builds can definitely have their advantages, you need to decide whether or not your desire to stay in certain location outweighs those advantages.

Talk to a professional

Finally, if you are still not sure whether a home renovation or a new build would best suit your needs, you should speak with a professional to help you make your decision.

At Superior Construction, our team is skilled at both renovations as well as new builds. We can sit down with you and discuss your needs and vision for your home and take you through the pros and cons of renovating your current home and compare it to the option of building new.