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Possibilities are endless; any room you wish to make-over can be done! Start your dream renovation with Superior Construction, and start loving your home.

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Superior Construction offers a full spectrum of Toronto residential renovation services, including kitchens, bathrooms, whole house renovations, basement, laundry rooms and exteriors. From planning and design, through all phases of construction, we provide the expertise and trades required to make your project a successful one.

Why Superior Construction? 

Superior Construction is a design and build company – our architects, engineers, construction and interior designers will turn your dream home into reality. We take responsibility for each and every moment of development process from optimizing your land (demolition, tree removal etc…); to purchasing building materials; to installing wiring and plumbing systems; to caressing the walls with finishing touches. We take each and every home we build seriously with pure craftsmanship, attention to detail and dedication as if we were to build your home for our own families.


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Client Testimonials 

Sarah Wells

We bought our fully renovated home from Gord nearly three years ago, and we are absolutely thrilled.  Gord takes pride in the quality and beauty of his workmanship in a way that is a very rare find.  And, Gord is never more than a phone call or email away should you have any questions, no matter how small!  If we ever add on to our home, or otherwise have a renovation project in the future, we would only hire Gord for the job.  His work is truly outstanding and meticulous, and he is a pleasure to work with.

We would also be happy to speak directly with any prospective clients, if that would be helpful!

Brian Jones

I have lived in a Superior Construction Home since 2009 with my family, and it has been absolute to delight and experience to live here. The house has exquisite details and workmanship as well as being very functional. Most importantly Gord, stands behind his product, and the biggest plus I have experienced in buying the house has been the ongoing level of service he has offered – 1st class and bespoke. Gord is into the details, no matter how small they are.  “Custom & Luxury” would best describe my experience.

Our Process

The first step in the process is to gather and analyze information and perform all the work necessary prior to actually designing your home.  During this time we formulate a detailed “program” which defines your needs and objectives: function, size and relationship between spaces, character and image, and a host of other considerations that affect how you will live in your home.  We analyze your site and determine the best placement of the house and spaces within to capture views and sunlight.  During this stage we also establish the construction scope, budget and schedule.
Conceptual brainstorming and exploration define this portion of the design process.  It begins with the creation of concept diagrams and rough sketches.  During this time we determine the general layout, form and overall appearance of both the house and the site.  Sketches, drawings and study models are prepared to help evaluate the ideas and concepts and set the final direction for refining the design.  Once the size, layout and character of the home and site are refined, we begin to design feature elements such as stairs, cabinetry, fireplaces and built-in furniture.  Drawings are prepared that describe some of the important technical details.  At the end of this phase 70 to 80 percent of the design work will be completed.
Construction Documentation is the phase where the design is translated into the technical language of the contractors.  Working Drawings (blueprints) and specifications are prepared which define in detail all of the materials that are to be incorporated into the house, where they are to be located and how they are to be installed.  Although this phase is primarily intended for working out the technical aspects of the project, some design work also takes place.  In addition, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and finish materials (tile, carpet, paint colours, etc.) are selected.
During this phase we assist you in obtaining competitive bids or negotiated proposals from a selected list of contractors.  We prepare and distribute sets of drawings and specifications, answer contractor questions, interpret the documents, and prepare addenda (revisions to the original drawings or specifications).  Once the bids are received, we analyze the results and prepare the contract between you and the selected contractor.
In this phase we review the progress of the work and facilitate any changes that may be required.  We answer questions, review submittals and shop drawings (manufacturers’ drawings of specific elements to be incorporated within the house), and review invoices submitted by the contractors.  Final selections of finishes and fixtures are also made here.  Upon completion of this phase we thoroughly inspect your home to ensure that it is complete and ready for your use.

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