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How to find a reliable custom home builder in Markham?

Being at a point in your life when you are ready to build your custom dream home can be an exciting time but many people don’t know where to start. A custom home in Markham is a big investment and it is hopefully something you will enjoy for many years or even decades. It is critical therefore that you find a high quality and reliable custom home builder.

So where do you start? Here are a few tips:

  1. Word of mouth. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and a great referral is one of the highest compliments that a custom home builder can receive. If you have friends, relatives or co-workers who have had their home custom built in Markham, talk to them about who they worked with. Ask about the positives and negatives and any other questions you may have.
  2. Check credentials. Look at what credentials your potential builder has. Check their BBB rating and look at what professional organizations they belong to and what awards they have won.
  3. Make sure that they are truly “custom”. When looking at a home builder’s website, check to see what services they offer. For a home builder to truly be a custom home builder, they should offer everything you need for the entire process starting with architectural services and ending with interior design.
  4. Review their portfolio. Many builders will have photos of their custom built homes online. Don’t skip over these pictures – have a look. Does the style resonate with you? Could you see yourself living in a home constructed by this builder?
  5. Interview builders. Try to narrow down your list of possible Markham custom home builders to about two or three. Arrange a time to speak to each one of them. Ask plenty of questions and observe how well they communicate and interact with you. Good communication skills between yourself and your builder are essential to ensure that you are happy with the final product.
  6. Check references. Last but not least, before you sign any contracts you will want to ask candidates for some references. A reputable custom home builder in Markham will be happy to provide you with these. Contact the references and ask them about their experiences with the builder. Ask if they were satisfied with the end result? Did the project complete on time and on budget? Were there any problems and if so, how were they resolved? The more information you get about prospective builders for your dream home, the easier it will be to choose the right one for you.


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