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Luxury Home Renovations in Brampton

Luxury Home Renovations in Brampton

When looking for luxury home renovations in Brampton, there are a few things to look for that will help ensure the best price, and the best looking and highest quality finished project. An in-house design team with skilled and experienced workers directly employed by the registered builder, when combined properly, will give buyers incredible options, service and quality at a great price. Commission based pricing can also go a long way in minimizing potential expenditures. Improving your home can be a substantial undertaking, but the best luxury home renovations team can provide not only outstanding results, but also peace of mind for the long term.

Design Team

The capability for in-house design is a must for any luxury renovation team. A design team should consist not only of employees with the ability to draw up schematics for the space, but also interior decorators who are able to offer assistance in furnishing and beautifying the space: one part to create a functional space, the other to make the features of that space pop.

Skilled Workers

The importance of a strong, skilled labour team cannot be understated. By having architects, designers, engineers and skilled workers in the same building, costs can be reduced. The more tasks a firm can complete in-house, the fewer will need to be outsourced. Outsourcing jobs increases the overall cost, as the outside team will charge for materials, labour and add a profitable mark-up on top. In addition to potentially reducing costs, a strong in-house team will have more frequent interactions, thereby facilitating communication. Increased communication is vital for a project, as any issues or complications can be headed off before they turn into something more severe.

When it comes to skilled workers, a Tarion Registered builder can’t be beat. Before making an agreement with a self-proclaimed “contractor”, it’s important to realize that there are no licensing bodies to control who can call themselves a contractor. It is completely unregulated. For an investment as substantial as luxury home renovations, check the Tarion Ontario Home Builder Directory to learn more about any team you may be considering. There you’ll find an abundance of information pertaining to the registered builder of your choice. Among the most useful things you’ll find is whether or not Tarion has had to resolve any warranty issues with the builder in question. This can be a valuable indicator of the craftsmanship provided by the builder in question. To become a registered builder, technical knowledge is tested annually and financial backgrounds are investigated annually, as are business and marketing strategies. It’s a great way to protect a buyer.


A trustworthy luxury renovation team that adheres strictly to a commission based pricing structure (cost plus a percentage) can help keep costs down. When the registered builders receive a discount on materials, that discount should be passed on to the buyer. Often times, building companies may receive discounts based on previous history together and bulk orders. When those savings are passed on, tens of thousands of dollars can be shaved from the final bill.


There’s something to be said for a young company out to prove itself. They certainly have a place in the industry, but that place shouldn’t be in luxury home renovations. While quotes will sometimes be lower than those set by a more experienced team, costs can quickly rise due to problems that may arise as a result of inexperience. Don’t let a luxury renovation project be the learning environment for your builder. Members in good standing with the Ontario Home Builders’ Association employ engineers as supervisors. Most issues that would cause problems for a newer firm can be resolved quickly and easily by a company that has years of everyday experience.

Luxury home renovations can make any old house feel like a brand new home. To get the most from the endeavour, be sure to get the best possible company for the job. The right team made up of experienced employees with varying specialty areas can transform any dreary or underused space into a lively and welcoming environment.