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Luxury Homes in Brampton – Things You Should Look for in Your New Home.

With the increasing demand for high-end homes, new luxury homes are being built all over the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). One area that has seen an increase in new luxury communities is Brampton, with communities such as Creditview and Vales of Humber. Although Brampton has a history of having large and opulent luxury homes in its communities, new high-end homes in Brampton are being built with a myriad of luxury and bonus features. As a new home buyer in Brampton, what features should you be looking for in your luxury home? Apart from the most obvious feature – location – here are some of the other factors that typically define luxury:


Generally, luxury homes are large-sized homes with unique architectural style. Whether it is an urban- chic oasis or a traditional European style home, there are many options to choose from when it comes to the style of your dream luxury home. Choose a builder that can lend an artistic style to your home, while at the same time ensuring a high quality build and use of materials.


One of the most important features of a high-end home is the warranty. As per the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act, builders in Ontario are supposed to provide warranty coverage. New home builders in Ontario are regulated by a legislated corporation called Tarion. Builders planning to build and sell new homes must register with Tarion and undergo orientation sessions, technical testing based on the Ontario Building Code and attend a business interview. Tarion enrolls new homes for warranty coverage and ensures that new home builders abide by the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act, thereby promoting high quality of construction in the industry. Every year, Tarion reviews its members’ financial standing and tracks their performance. Check with Tarion to see if your new home builder is a member in good standing with them.


Avoiding wastage of space is important. Does your luxury home have a practical layout that facilitates an open space, division of formal and informal space, and privacy?

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency in a home has become an important feature. Luxury homes have a number of features that can help reduce your energy costs. These include energy saving dimmers, foam insulation between walls, structural insulating panels, etc.


Technology, having become an integral part of today’s lifestyle, should not be forgotten when building a luxury home. From security and safety features, to media entertainment – all of these require the use of technology and these solutions can be easily built into your luxury home.

Other features

There is no end to the number of features you can add to your luxury home. High-end bathrooms and kitchen, high ceilings, custom storage solutions, customized outdoor space, gym, media room, office space, etc., are features you may be looking for in your luxury home.

Luxury homes are meant to be long lasting, large homes with unique architectural style. With the demand for luxury homes growing in the GTA, new communities are being created to cater to the increasing demand for high-end homes in areas such as Brampton. Luxury homes in Brampton offer many innovative and unique features that will meet your lifestyle needs.