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Luxury interiors – Options available to Toronto homeowners.

An increasing number of Torontonians are spending a lot of money to design their dream home. New functional layouts, open space, luxury interiors and upgrades and amenities are all important when renovating your Toronto home. Homeowners are sparing no cost in designing the home that meets their lifestyle needs. Today, there are innumerable design options available to homeowners that will enable them to achieve the style and look they want in their home. From grandeur to ultra-modern and chic, design boutique firms can help homeowners choose from a myriad of designs.

What are some of the luxury interior changes that a Toronto homeowner can make to freshen up their home?

Remodeling the Home

Increasing the square footage of the house gives you more living space. You can achieve this by either knocking down non-loadbearing walls between a family room and kitchen in order to create an open concept, for example. This gives a feeling of openness and a sense of grandeur to your home. Another option is to increase your living space by renovating your basement to meet the needs of your family (a lavish media entertainment room, a bar, a man-cave or even an opulent bedroom and en suite). Building an addition to your home, vertical or lateral, will also add more space to your living area.

Remodeling your home requires a professional licensed design and build company that has the capability to provide in-house design, engineering, and build or renovation services. Bringing your home up to the standards of today’s building and safety codes will ensure that your home is ergonomically designed, energy efficient and safe. To look for a professional builder to remodel your home, check with Tarion to find a registered builder that has an outstanding track record and is financially sound.


There are many quality, high-end flooring options available today to give your home the character, style and elegance that you are looking for. Natural stone is one of the most expensive in flooring material. Marble, for example, will lend a timeless elegance to your space. Other flooring options include exotic hardwood, reclaimed hardwood, custom high-end mosaic and ceramic tiles, designer flooring such as carpet and carpet tiles, and luxury vinyl tile.


The right lighting style can create ambience and give your room a sophisticated look. Endless options are available today in lighting fixtures, from distinct styles to different types of lighting. You can choose a traditional chandelier for your dining room or a modern crystal pendant chandelier, for example. The type of lighting can also make a difference to the ambience of your room. Incandescent, fluorescent, CFLs or LED are types of lighting available for your lighting fixtures.

Fixtures and Finishings

High quality fixtures and finishings are the final touches that will give your home the luxurious look you want. From high quality countertops, to modern, sleek cabinets and storage in the kitchen and bathroom, to exquisite moldings and columns in your home, to luxury plumbing fixtures, all are important in conveying a sense of lavishness.

Upgrades and Amenities

Adding upgrades and amenities to your home such as a pool, Jacuzzi, a gazebo, deck, gym, media room, wet bar, a contemporary fireplace, etc. all contribute to the luxuriousness of your home. Custom technology solutions for your home such as remotely controlled temperature or dimmer lights are great options to add to your home.

There are endless options in luxury interiors available to Toronto homeowners. Whether you are redesigning the whole house, or a specific room, a design and construction boutique can help achieve the function, style and look you want for your space, while bringing your home up to the requirements of the building code to ensure your home is efficient and safe.