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Luxury renovations in Toronto – how to add value to your home

It is not uncommon to see dumpsters lining a driveway in Toronto. With the rising prices of real estate in Toronto, many homeowners have taken to renovating their homes to their needs. Whether it is to increase the value of their home or to simply update the house to match their lifestyle, luxury renovations in Toronto have become popular. From the remodeling and renovation of kitchens, bathrooms, and even the exterior of the house, a large number of homes in Toronto are being re-energized. The following luxury renovations to your Toronto home can instantly update your space while increasing the value of your property.


The kitchen generally is the heart of the house and renovating it can instantly modernize your home. Additionally, updating your kitchen can add 75 to 100 percent return on investment when you sell your home.

Evaluate your kitchen space to see if it needs to be expanded. Perhaps a wall needs to come down, making the kitchen and an adjoining room an open concept space. An open concept kitchen area is now the trend, with the space being used not only for cooking, but for entertaining and family time. Changing the layout of the kitchen can also improve traffic flow and give you more storage space. Other luxury renovations in the kitchen would include an addition of high-end appliances, countertops that match your family`s lifestyle (natural stone, quartz, laminate, etc.), cabinets for functional storage, opulent lighting, designer floor tiles and backsplash.


Optimizing your bathroom space can, at times, be challenging. Your design and build company can work with you to come up with solutions that can make efficient use of the available space and design the bathroom to your style. A luxurious, spa-like environment in your bathroom can be created with the addition of high-end bathtubs and shower stalls, stylish pull-out storage and cabinets, countertops, over-sized mirrors, lighting such as scones and dimmer lights, flooring that accents your bathroom, and luxury plumbing fixtures and accessories.

Go green when renovating your bathroom. You can add low-flow toilets, proper ventilation, energy efficient doors and windows and even skylights.

An updated bathroom can add value to your home by up to 75 percent of what you spent on the renovation.


You can add more living space by renovating your basement with up to 50% return on investment. Whether you want to add office space, a lavish media and entertainment area, family room, or even a bedroom with an ensuite, there are endless possibilities for the space once the basement is renovated to be a functional yet cozy, comfortable space.

Outdoor space

By adding a deck or a sunroom you can efficiently utilize your outdoor space and extend your living area. Today’s decks can add luxury to your outdoor space with built-in fire pits, benches and garden beds. A heated sunroom adds not only square footage to your house but lets you enjoy the beauty of all four seasons comfortably.

For renovations that require a re-engineering of your space, a licensed design and build company will not only provide in-house design services but also engineering expertise to tie the whole renovation together while adhering to the standards of the Ontario Building Code. Check the company’s references, reputation and their history with Tarion before hiring them for your renovation project. Tarion is a government regulated company that mandates registered home builders to abide by the Ontario New Homes Warranties Plan Act and Regulations. Registration with Tarion requires the builder to be technically tested and to undergo a business interview. Tarion monitors the performance of its members; choosing a registered Tarion builder that is in good standing means it is a financially sound company and has a good track record.

Renovating your home can give it a breath of fresh air. Luxury renovations in Toronto that may give the best value to a homeowner can include remodeling the kitchen, bathroom, basement and outdoor space. Giving the house a facelift to meet your style and needs is a great way to re-energize your home.