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Modern Custom Homes Are Once Again in Vogue in Toronto.

Modern Custom Homes Are Once Again in Vogue in Toronto

There is certainly no deficit in housing options in the GTA; the sale of new homes and condominiums in Toronto has been on the rise this summer of 2014 and is exhibiting an increase after a slump in the real estate market throughout 2013. Building a modern custom home in Toronto affords the buyer a multitude of additional advantages and options over purchasing a production home. By opting for a custom home, the buyer is able to collaborate personally with a team of builders to conceptualize the home of their dreams. This gives them the opportunity to articulate their every subtle creative whim and desire as well as enjoy full involvement in every single vital detail of the process. This helps ensure control of:

  • Layout,
  • Maintenance costs,
  • Quality products,
  • Accessibility,
  • Structural integrity,
  • Up to date appliances, and;
  • Energy conservation technology.
Budget Layout and Financial Planning

The Cost of building a custom home is measured in “price per square foot” estimates; this includes construction costs, building permits and worker fees. On average, a buyer can expect to pay $250.00 per square foot for a custom home built in Toronto. The total is usually broken down into two subcategories; namely, “hard” and “soft” costs. Hard costs include fixed expenses such as contract fees, labour and materials; while soft costs include more flexible variables, such as additional engineering and home insurance. The materials and appliances chosen will drastically alter the cost-estimate of a home, and it becomes crucial to match material choices and quality of finish with affordability. The estimate is given as a means to consider the feasibility of a project, as the redefining of a financial goal will likely occur throughout the implementation and building process.

Planning and Construction

Choosing location, layout, floors and rooms, while at the same time considering environmental concerns and balancing storage with living space, are all necessary first steps that must be addressed. Once the decisions concerning the foundation have been made, the next steps of light and flooring options can be arranged in a blueprint or 3D model. This provides a customized to-scale model of the new home and gives the buyer the opportunity to envision the space.

Licensed Builders at Tarion

There are countless subcontractors available to new home owners in Toronto. Working with builders like those registered with Tarion gives the buyer an added advantage. By choosing to work with a firm that is in good standing with this government-regulated corporation, the buyer ensures that their rights are protected and that the quality of work is always up to the highest of building standards. Builders are employed by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, must have completed a series of courses and have a total of five years experience in the industry in order to become members. Tarion is the only organization that requires of building companies much more than that they pay a mere annual membership fee: Contrary to other such organizations, Tarion is quite exceptional and unique in that it implements a series of tests, tracks performance and conducts annual financial reviews to ensure that the work standards and ethics of the building firms it regulates are strictly upheld. With Tarion comes the guarantee of utmost professional competence, accountability and reliability.

By choosing a registered builder that is licensed with Tarion, the homeowner is afforded accountability and quality of service rendered, which ensures that their new home will be built within the confines of acceptable time and budgetary constraints. Moreover, this partnership affords the buyer advantages such as commission based pricing, discounted building materials and home warranties. By gathering estimates, researching options and working with a team whose objective it is to protect you, the homeowner, building a modern custom home in Toronto can be a smooth, efficient and enjoyable experience.