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Quality Custom Home Design in Brampton

Quality Custom Home Design in Brampton

When you are searching for the perfect custom home design in Brampton, you may find that it is difficult to find exactly what you want. But, choosing the perfect floor plan and designing the master bedroom is only part of the process. Here are some steps to follow to make your custom home design project as smooth as possible.

Conduct a Builder Background Check

The most important member of your custom home team is the builder. Make sure your home builder is licensed by Tarion – the body responsible for protecting the rights of new home buyers and the regulator of new home builders according to the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act – and a member of a professional organization like the Canadian Home Builders’ Association. If your builder doesn’t have proper licensing or permits, you will run into problems later on.

Also check out your builder in Tarion’s Ontario Builder Directory. The directory is an online tool that gives you a full picture of Ontario builders to help you make an informed decision. It lists things like:

  • The number of homes the builder has constructed in the past 10 years
  • If the builder has had to resolve any warranty claim issues
  • If the builder is licensed to build in Ontario.

Make sure you review the builder’s complete portfolio and visit other residences the home builder has constructed.

Your builder has three main roles, including:

  • Coordinating the building process by overseeing and managing all aspects of construction.
  • Offering expertise regarding rules, regulations, laws and liability for building a home in the province of Ontario.
  • Creating a relationship with you to ensure that your home building experience is enjoyable, positive and informative.
    Your builder is responsible for “the big picture” and all of the details of your project.
Define Your Design Needs

Before meeting with your builder, it’s helpful to start with a few clear ideas of what exactly it is you’re looking for. Some of the questions you might ask yourself include:

    • What does this house have to have in order to meet my needs?
    • What quality of standard am I looking for?
    • Which do I value more: visual aesthetics or quality of materials?
    • What are my top priorities?

It all starts with your vision; the builder will make it come to life.

Custom Home Design in Brampton

Every custom home is a unique expression of the people that live in it. Custom home building gives you the freedom to make choices that reflect your distinct style in every aspect of your home.

Whether you already have house plans finalized or have no clue about how to start the process, custom home design in Brampton will help you every step of the way.