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Registered Builders Set High Standards with Quality Homes in Toronto

Registered Builders Set High Standards with Quality Homes in Toronto

The Building of quality homes in Toronto brings with it a unique set of challenges and requirements. Ensuring that only superior materials and services are offered by a building company will guarantee the future of your home and its protection from the often harsh and unpredictable climate conditions of Toronto. A high standard quality home is much more than just its façade, its windows or its sturdy hardwood floor; but rather, it embodies the union of both utility and leisure. Tarion registered builders are not like any other builders; they exceed the average limits of standards in building; realizing homes that boast of both function and beauty, utility and elegance.

Ensuring Quality Through Workers

By working with direct employees who comprise a team of builders, workers, supervisors and designers, a home owner can rest assured that their home will be built in line with the company’s mission and ethics. In-house supervisors who are trained engineers provide the added assurance that a house will be built to exceptional standards, and this within acceptable and reasonable time and budgetary restraints. A home owner can further their advantage by utilising builders who are registered with Tarion and who are, as such, required to complete mandatory courses, and attest to a minimum of five years of hands-on experience in their field. Builders registered with Tarion set themselves apart from the common subcontractor firms that are merely required to pay a membership fee to a home association. Information outlining the premises of Tarion is easily accessible through the Tarion Ontario Builder Directory, which can provide much needed insight into a builder’s financial standing and answer questions as to whether they’re licensed to build in Ontario or if their license has been refused or revoked.

Adding to the Quality and Value of Your Home

By choosing quality products and avoiding cutting corners, a homeowner can prolong the life of their home and increase its resale value. Investing in durable oak hardwood, long lasting and beautiful granite countertops, or polymer coated wood products, for example, can dramatically prolong the lifespan of a quality home. An architect can help determine ways in which to ensure that a home produces the highest degree of energy efficiency, whereas a registered builder successfully installs wall insulation, structural insulating panels and adjustable lighting systems. In-house interior decorators and designers create a cohesive team of artists who work together in order to integrate the client’s aesthetic and style preferences. By creating a beautiful interior and masterfully designed exterior and landscape, your home will bear a long lasting mark of class, quality and sophistication.

Benefits of Warranty

Insuring your home with a long-term warranty will only increase the quality of your home. A good example of this is the Superior Construction extended seven-year warranty, a warranty that is exceptional and unique compared to others offered in the Toronto area. By investing in such a warranty, a buyer also protects their home’s true value against things like:

  • Cracks, defects and deterioration,
  • Environmental impacts and weather damage,
  • Major structural defects,
  • Major distortion of structure.

Builders registered with Tarion are highly skilled in their trade and have the credentials to prove it. They see to it that the highest standards of workmanship are upheld and that the welfare of the buyer is held in high regard.