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Renovation Contractors in Brampton Can Help You Create the Home of Your Dreams

Renovation Contractors in Brampton Will Help You Create the Home of Your Dreams

If you are considering a home remodel, the key is to properly plan and consult a registered home builder in Brampton who will work with you to save you both time and money. Below are a few tips to get you started on the re-design of your space.

Do Your Homework

1. It’s good to start with an estimation of the general condition of your home. Some key questions to ask are:

  • Has it been renovated in the time you’ve lived there?
  • What did you pay for your home? What is the value of homes in your neighbourhood?
  • What is left on the mortgage?
  • Is this your dream home, or are you renovating to flip?

Answering these questions will give you an initial idea of where your renovation project should begin.

2. Research your renovation project and design ideas. The size of the job does not matter; you should have an idea of what you want your renovation to look like. To make the best choice, compare the different types of flooring, windows, doors, etc. Don’t just look at prices, but at quality and durability.


Home renovations are not an overnight job and often take time and research. It is sometimes common for renovations to run over time and budgetary constraints. This, however, can be eliminated if you put the planning of your home renovation in the hands of highly competent and experienced experts. The pulse of a house is its heating, electrical wiring, plumbing and support beams. It is vital that any issues pertaining to these things that comprise the foundational framework of your home are dealt with before a renovation project is begun.

How to Finance Your Renovation

Whether or not you have been saving for your home renovation, there are several provincial and federal energy-efficiency rebates that can help reduce your costs. A bank loan is the easiest way to get the financing you’ll need for your renovation. Speak to your financial institution to determine if you qualify. For more information on your financing options, visit the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation to determine what options work best for you.

How to Avoid Renovation Rip-Offs

Contractors may offer to save you money by doing a job “under the table” in order to avoid taxes, but not having the proper paperwork, contracts and receipts will lead to problems. To avoid the hassle:

  1. Get referrals. Friends and family are your best bet for finding a good contractor. If several referents have had a very satisfactory experience with a certain builder and can attest to their competence, integrity and professionalism, this is usually a positive indication that the builder in question is bona fide. If you can’t find anyone on your own, search through the list of builders listed on the directory of Tarion registered builders. Please visit for more information.
  2. Make sure that you have a clear contract drawn up in writing by the enlisted building company before you proceed with your renovation project. One should never rely solely on verbal contracts.
  3. Get more than one quote or cost estimate for the renovation project in question. You should know approximately how much your renovation should cost. Unexpected and disproportionate costs and expenses should not arise throughout the course of the project.
  4. Get an invoice that clearly outlines the break up of all expenditures your renovation project will entail. The insistence of a building company to receive payment in cash and/or without an invoice, or to receive more than half or all of the payment up front is usually a dead giveaway that they are not to be trusted.
  5. Make sure that the builder provides full transparency in terms of providing several means through which to be contacted. Signs of a legitimate building firm are the existence of a concrete website, contact information and a physical company location.

When looking for a renovation contractor in Brampton, make sure you do your research in order to find the best person or company that will do the best job possible in order to make your dream home a reality.