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Seven Signs of Great Custom Home Builders

Choosing among custom home builders can be tricky. After all, anyone can have a slick website and make themselves look better than they really are. So what is a prospective home buyer to do when they’ve got so many custom home builders to choose from?

Here are seven signs you should look for that can help you know you’ve found somebody reputable.

  1. Testimonials

Forget how slick their website looks. What you really want to know is how many customer testimonials they have on their website. Does the home builder feature positive feedback from happy clients?

  1. References

Now the problem with online testimonials is there is a possibility that they could be fake. Sad to say, but some unscrupulous custom home builders might actually try this. So if you are thinking about hiring a particular builder, ask them for references that you can follow up with yourself.

  1. Length of time in business

Another thing to look for is how long a custom home builder has been in business. For a builder to be operating in a city ten, twenty or thirty years, it means they must be doing something right!

  1. Relationships

The best custom home builders will have well-established relationships with their subcontractors and employees. When a builder has low employee turnover and longstanding partners, it says something about their integrity.

  1. Job Site

If you get a chance, visit a job site of the custom home builder that you are considering. Is it clean and safe or does it appear messy and unkempt? This will say a lot about their attention to detail.

  1. Process

Good custom home builders will have a proven process in place. They will be transparent about their design and building stage; they will perform quality checks; and they will be upfront with the customer about what they can expect and when they can expect it.

  1. Price Guarantee

Great custom home builders not only stand by their work, they also stand by their price.  This lets you proceed with the construction of your dream home without having to worry that the price could unexpected spike.

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