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Tony Karahanas & Geraldine Karahanas

My wife and I bought 425 Belsize Drive from its first owner in 2017. We were apprehensive in the beginning as we were moving from a much larger home.

After some 3 years living in this house we are pleased to report the quality of the finishes and build construction are at a level where we feel confident with our decision to have purchased this beautiful home.

Yes, the house is much smaller but the architectural design (by Superior Construction) uses the space efficiently. The layout is excellent, it is hard to believe but we have the same amenities as our much larger home in this small house. The appliances are great. The kitchen layout is great. There is lots of light during the day. The lighting design is efficient. The master bathroom is a joy to use. The wall units are simply superb. All details are taken care of. We must stress that the quality of the finishes of our house is so great we love everything about our house.

We are especially pleased to have Gord take care of us as he is caring yet professional in his dealings. We understand he is having difficulty with Tarion to get approved to pick up a contract for some 34 town houses. My wife and I are both experienced realtors. In our combined 40 years of experience we have dealt with many contractors and builders.

We would like to tell whomever is reading this letter we have full confidence in Gord and his team. They have returned our calls – always. They have complied with our requests – always. They have been polite, professional and yet friendly. They respect our privacy and our home. They explain all matters in detail. Their technical capability is outstanding.

We like to make sure Tarion hears us that Superior Construction is indeed a superior builder. We are lucky to have him on our side and as a matter of fact we are referring him to a client of ours who is looking to build a large Multi-residential project in Toronto. We have met many contractors and builders in our many years in the business; we have hand picked Gord to over see this project.

Given Gord’s education and experience as well as our first hand dealings with Gord and his team we are baffled at Tarion. Just do not see how 34 towns will be any issue for Gord as we know he managed a difficult 5 storey town house project up the street (literally). That is a beautiful project, it is a credit to the very expensive Bayview and York Mills area. We know this project did very well in terms of sale and recent re-sale. We have heard good things about Gord from other professionals in our industry. He has a solid reputation.

Frankly we would like to know what is Tarion concerned with??

We recommend Gord and his team any day of the week from morning to dawn. The construction industry is filled with incompetent contractors (we have met a few) Tarion should actively promote companies like Superior Construction.