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Why You Should Hire a Design-Build Home Builder in North York

At Superior Construction we are often asked about the difference between design-build home builders in North York and the traditional system of hiring an architect and a general contractor.
In this article, we will explain some of the key differences, and why we recommend hiring design-build home builders.
What is Design-Build?
Design build is where everything you need for your custom home is covered under one contract. In other words, one firm is responsible for the entire process from architectural services, to construction, to interior design.
As a result, the entire project is more cost effective and there is an integrated team that can bring your dream home into reality in a faster, more efficient manner.
In other types of systems, you would require separate contracts for each service and there is greater risk of communication break downs between the various teams.
A Truly Custom Home
Some companies that say they build custom homes offer their customers a selection of pre-determined floor plans and then allow their customers to “customize” the home by choosing the finishes.
But design-build home builders offer their customers homes that are truly custom because they have architectural design services and can create any type of floor plan the customer wants. Additionally, being able to choose their own materials and having access to professional interior design services means the customer will get a finished product that really reflects their unique style.
Single Point of Accountability
Because design-build home builders in North York are responsible for every aspect of the project, there is no second guessing for the owner when communications need to be made. Whether the owner has a question about the floor plans, the materials being used, or the colour of the walls in the master bedroom, there is a single point of contact.
There is never any need for the owner to wonder whether or not they are submitting their inquiry to the correct contractor.
Along with increased accountability, design-build home builders in North York also offer increased transparency. At Superior Construction, we know that you want to stay informed which is why we provide you with updates and keep the lines of communication open during your build.
If you are looking for a design-build home builder in North York, we would love the opportunity to provide you with a consultation and a quote. Contact Superior Construction today!