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A concerto performed by a master composer is similar to an edifice built by a master engineer. With this in mind, our emphasis on materializing a masterpiece begins with the joy and love for its creation. Palhbod Homes is the maestro of luxurious living; composing stunning homes for over 30 years.

We hereby, present you our management team:


Gord (A.F.) Pahlbod, B.A.Sc., MBA

Gord (A.F) Palhbod is the Founder and Principal of Superior Construction. With backgrounds both in Engineering (Metallurgy and Materials) from the University of British Columbia and Financial Management from the University of Toronto, Gord has established a clear mission statement for his team; to build luxury homes in the most exclusive, upscale residential communities. Today, Gord has hallmarked over 40 luxury houses across the GTA.



Why Superior Construction?

Luxury Home Building

Over the years we have received a lot of questions regarding the custom home building process: building permits, floor plans, investments, pricing, etc… And we came up with a conclusion that many people think that custom home building is a long stressful process; but it is not. In fact, the process of developing a custom home is extremely easy, and it is within our confidence in making such statement because we’ve been dedicated to the sector of custom home development for over 30 years. Think of your own field of business. Be there dedicated for long enough and you become proficient at the job you do; work then becomes simple and easy. Here with Superior Construction. we don’t only answer virtually any questions you have in mind, but we actually provide you with full, step-by-step guidance and support on how to accomplish your goals in a cost effective way.

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