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Jones, Brian F.

By admin | December 18, 2013

I have lived in a Superior Home since 2009 with my family, and it has been absolute to delight and experience to live here. The house has exquisite details and workmanship as well as being very functional. Most importantly Gord, stands…

Sarah Wells: Superior home owner since 2008

By admin | December 18, 2013

We bought our fully renovated home from Gord nearly three years ago, and we are absolutely thrilled.  Gord takes pride in the quality and beauty of his workmanship in a way that is a very rare find.  And, Gord is…

Humidity Control

By Gord | January 28, 2013

Adequate Humidty Control is vital to the health and comfort of the inhabitants of your home. Custom Luxury Homes should offer you humiduty control that is well tuned to your needs.   The traditional “passive” humidifiers prevalent in Toronto lack the…