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Choosing Tiles Types for Your Bathroom

A bathroom in any household is used frequently by household members. Moisture, fungus and mold get trapped very easily in a bathroom, resulting in the tiles and other bathroom fixtures wearing out faster as compared to other rooms of a home. Moreover, plenty of chemical-based cleaning agents are used in a bathroom to maintain hygiene and such agents often cause the tiles to fade out. Choosing tiles types for your bathroom, therefore, must be done with great care if one is looking for a glossy and clean bathroom. Prior to getting started on a job involving tiling of bathroom, understanding the varieties of tiles available in the market and the pros and cons of each of these help in choosing the right type.

Classification Types

Classification of tiles for a bathroom is based on different criteria such as size, quality of material, color, texture, etc. Also, remember that choosing tiles should largely depend on the bathroom size. Having large-sized tiles installed in a small bathroom isn’t feasible as you might have to go cutting some of the tiles to fit them within the given dimensions. Alternately, installing small tiles in a large bathroom would look really odd as the grout marks become more visible.

Stone Varieties

Natural stone tiles make a favorite choice for those wishing to go green. Not only thick and sturdy, they also have a rustic appeal. Different colors and patterns are available in this variety. Being natural, the stone tile leaves a cooling effect to touch. Varieties in stone tiles include marble limestone, granite and slate. The other category of flooring tile that may be used in the bathroom is the vinyl tile. This tile type is not only cost effective, but when you compare it with the natural stone tile, it is also functionally practical. Other pros for the vinyl tile type include easy installation and easy maintenance.

Captivating Ceramic

Ceramic tiles are again another variety that can be used for both, the floor and walls of a bathroom. This variety finds great response from customers looking to choose tiles for bathroom. Obviously, the reasons for this are the easy maintenance, attractive designs, and durability of ceramic tiles. You can get these tiles in different sizes, aesthetic designs and also ceramic border tiles to give a complete look to the bathroom. Cutting and installation of ceramic tiles also is not a tough task. Porcelain tiles are often selected due to its smooth finish and ability to prevent any kind of moisture intrusion into it. Apart from the above mentioned there are some other varieties such as glass tiles and the mosaic types.

Cool Color Combinations

Your color concept for the bathroom could either be by matching tiles or in contrast such as black and white tiles. So deciding upon the right color combination becomes another facet that needs attention while choosing tile types for a bathroom. It is good that we are able to access plenty of inspiring ideas available online to help in making a decision with bathroom tile colors.

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