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Columns as House Decorative Elements

The major use of columns in architectural designs is to provide support, but these are now being used as decorative elements. A column has three main parts, which are the base, the shaft and the capital. For decoration purposes, the main area of concern is the shaft where this can be built in very numerous designs, but there some styles that also involve the base and capital. Some of the styles that you can go for when using columns as decorative elements include:

Doric column: this provides a very simple design, and it was greatly used in the ancient times. It is pretty strong with no pedestal base and details meant for decoration have to be done on the shaft and capital. The shaft is wider and narrows towards the top with smooth round capitals. In story buildings, the Doric columns are used in the lower levels since they can bear more weight.

Ionic column: the base is made of stacked disks and although the shaft can be plain, modern designs have lines carved into them where these run from the base to the top. The capital is then decorated using volutes, which are scroll-shaped ornaments giving the whole structure a very elegant look.

Corinthian columns: this is a style that you can greatly consider when using columns as decorative elements since you can easily decorate the capital using acanthus leaves, flowers or scrolls. In fact, you can combine all these to create a sophisticated and a unique look. The capital also has elements that flare outwards increasing the beauty.

Other styles of columns include:

  • – Tuscan column that almost resembles Doric
  • – Composite column that combines various designs and
  • – Solomonic columns among others

Various materials used in decorative columns

Hardwood: these may not hold a lot of weight, but they will work best for anyone who wants to enhance traditional elegance whether at home, in business or for commercial venues. Hardwood will create a feel of warmth and the atmosphere will be very inviting. It is also easy to have your ideas carved into the columns for a unique finish that brings out your personality. Hardwood columns perfectly suit living areas.

Fiberglass: when using columns as decorative elements, choosing to use fiberglass will allow for classier designs, which will not only add elegance, but also style. This will also present unmatched strength and resilience where the column will form a focal point for a real long time. Such a column will also require very little maintenance. Fiberglass columns can be used in balconies, fireplace surrounds and porches among other areas.

Other materials that you can choose for your decorative columns include polyurethane, PVC, mantel and aluminum among others. It’s all about understanding the properties of each of them and them matching these to your needs to make the perfect choice. Where you are undecided, you can get some inspiration from online websites that provide clear images, tips and ideas of how to use columns as decorative elements. However, the choice you make will be greatly influenced by your planned budget.

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