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Custom Home Designed and Build – Custom Home Designs Toronto(Caledon)

Trims & FinishingsThere are more reasons to design and build in Toronto instead of buying and resale. The last few years have not been very fair to homeowners. The mortgage crisis and foreclosures have led to a steep decline in home-values greatly discouraging investments in the real estate. For the homebuyers, the situation has never been this good. There are cheap foreclosed homes all over even some of them going to the half price they were going for a few years back. Despite all this, however; experts in real estate still insist that it is still cheaper and convenient to design-build in Toronto rather than investing in a resale.


Most of the homes are designed in a way that is suitable for the general public, but such designs might not be appropriate to an individual buyer. When you design your own house, you have a great opportunity to take part in the final outcome and everything will be tailored to suit your tastes. There is a lot of flexibility in this as the design and the finishing will have your personal signature which is the real mark of posterity. You have a chance to oversee every inch as it is being built and dismantle the sections that are not fitting in your theme.

Green appliances

The world is moving towards energy efficiency and environmental friendly appliances. Buying a resale might preclude you from enjoying such facilities. The key intention of green appliances is to help reduce on some of the utility bills such as electricity which form a big chunk of the monthly expenses. Appliances such as stoves, water heaters and air conditioning units may not always be found in old homes. Although these can always be installed later, they can be more expensive than they would be if they were installed during the construction of the house.

Acceptable maintenance cost

An old house may go to a cheaper rate, but it has its major drawbacks.  As a house advances in age, most of the appliances and installations may start to fall off due to age and wear and tear. The house may need constant re-carpeting, roof repairs and paint jobs. These are sometimes very expensive as they might require pulling down the whole section of the house. When you design and build in Toronto area, although the price may seem significant, it will take years before any repairs or repainting can be done.