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Different Decks Concept

Apart from having some extra living space outdoors, a deck is an addition that will really improve your home’s value, and this can help you fetch more while renting or selling your home. In choosing deck designs, you should keep in mind some factors such as how many people will be using the deck, weather conditions and the set aside cash among other things. There are different decks concepts to choose from:

Freestanding decks: this is a deck that can be positioned at any place within the property away from the house. Most of these decks do not have roofs, and they form an excellent way of utilizing sloping land where one can now get rich views that could not be possible from the house. For natural shading, you can build a free standing deck around a tree, just keep in mind that it will require regular maintenance since it will be directly exposed to weather conditions.

Multi-level decks: these decks allow various decking areas where these can be used for various purposes like barbecuing, dining and entertainment. If you have limited space, a multi-level deck will form just the perfect solution and will add a very stylish feature in your back yard. Other benefits of this design compared to other different deck concepts include:

  • – Allows design flexibility
  • – Brings about uniqueness in the yard
  • – Significantly boosts property value

However, constructing a multi-level deck will cost you extra since there’s more work involved in both design and implementation. For quality and high-standard results, you should hire professional and reputed deck builders. Maintaining such a deck can also be expensive due to the various surfaces involved and pathways or steps that are used to access the various levels.

Pool/ spa decks: these are simply decks that are built around a swimming pool, a hot tub or spa where pathways or stairs are then constructed for easier access. Installation is done just like with other decks but the requirements are higher, since the deck boards have to be sealed and waterproofed. The screws and nails are usually made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion. Regular maintenance must be done to keep the boards in good condition.

Attached decks: if you want to have more living area, you can decide to build a deck which will be attached to the house. You can use the deck for some similar activities that you normally do in the house like cooking, dining, entertaining or even relaxing. Attached decks are usually covered, and you can, therefore, use them irrespective of the weather conditions. They are very easy to access, and they also strengthen and add support to the house itself.

Fencing decks

To enhance safety when using the raised floor, one should build handrails all around the deck. These can be open to allow free air circulation or enclosed where privacy is required. When picking handrails design, consider the style of your home to ensure that you don’t break the aesthetic pattern. Generally, you will have it easier by relying on experts on deck building but remember to participate to ensure that the end product really meets your taste.